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Do you know what "farfocle" means?

pawian 163 | 10,429
28 Aug 2011 #1
Do you know what farfocle means? [fa:fotsle]
28 Aug 2011 #2
It means 'shreds' (of paper / clothing etc.)
OP pawian 163 | 10,429
28 Aug 2011 #3
shreds of paper / clothing etc.)

Yes, too, but we use it in different context here in southern Poland.
So, where are our farfocle ?
lamagda - | 1
28 Aug 2011 #4
"farfocle" is an informal word for remains which are really unimportant and often ugly or disgusting. For example "Farfocle na dnie fili┼╝anki" - some "farfocle at the bottom of the cup.
OP pawian 163 | 10,429
28 Aug 2011 #5
That`s coffee context. But quite correct.

In our family, we use the word in relation to small particles/pieces of tissue in juices. Farfocle in orange juice, for instance.
codejak - | 1
18 Sep 2011 #6
Merged: Looking for the meaning of a slang word: "farfoclak".

Hi all!

So I have been dared to find the meaning of a word which suposedly is a slang expression particular to both Krakow and Warsaw. The word is "farfoclak".

Can anyone help? Besides a pure translation, any examples for its use would be appreciated as well. As bad as it may be ;-)


catsoldier 62 | 596
18 Sep 2011 #7
The word is "farfoclak".

It probably comes from the word farfocel which is slang. Farfocel has a few meanings, scrap, bit of stuff, strands(of thread)/wisps, fluff, fuzz, bits of stuff(in soup). I think it is either slang for a woman like laska or referring to sex or some part of her anatomy.
Zazulka 3 | 129
18 Sep 2011 #8
As far as i know it is the same as farfocel. I am not aware of any different meaning or slang.

Original meaning of farfocel (XVI century): lint collected in a belly button. :)
isthatu2 4 | 2,704
18 Sep 2011 #10
Original meaning of farfocel (XVI century): lint collected in a belly button. :)

Oh,thats priceless, will make an effort to use that from now on whenever the topic of belly button fluff comes up . Can I ask,is Polish Farfocel also always blue no matter what colour clothing is worn? :)
OP pawian 163 | 10,429
18 Sep 2011 #11
Excellent news, indeed.

I love digging for farfocle in my belly button. It is a fascinating activity, probably because it is so rare - happens once in a few years.

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