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Grammar questions... małe/mało

clare 1 | 1
28 Jul 2010 #1
Hello, from Newfoundland. :)

I'm working on a grammar exercise right now, and I hope someone will help me with this set:

1) Jest mało mieszkań.
2) To jest małe mieszkanie.
3) Tu są małe mieszkania.

I think 1) is in the genitive plural because of the ending, so I have "Is few flats." but then I want to think "Są" instead of "Jest" for "(there are) few flats". I can't make sense of this one.

2) It is a small flat.
3) Here are small flats.

I think 2) and 3) are okay, but I put them there for the comparison to show why I was confused.

Thanks for any help!
Zed - | 195
28 Jul 2010 #2
2 and 3 you got right indeed

But no.1: mało (here) is and adverb, methinks

You are right that "Są" would be more logical but, alas, it's one of those expressions which defy logic, you just have to learn and memorize. So, for example

Jest dużo śniegu = There is a a lot of snow
Jest jeszcze dużo biletów = There are still a lot of tickets (to be sold)

On a flip side.... I remember being confused (a long time ago) by "there is/are" Tam jest/są? :-)

Having said that, you seem to make fine progress anyway. Good luck!
OP clare 1 | 1
29 Jul 2010 #3
Dziękuję bardzo :) Teraz rozumiem.

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