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Diminutives (zdrobnienie) for Sylwia

SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
20 Feb 2011 #1
What diminutives (zdrobnienie) and vocatives (wołacz) can you use for Sylwia?

Thanks in advance!
JaneDoe 5 | 114
20 Feb 2011 #2

I have a friend named Sylwia. I call her sometimes Sylwuś, Sylwunia, Sylwek (Sylwek is diminutive for Sylwester, but I like calling her that; just like Kasia-Kasiek).
gumishu 11 | 5,642
20 Feb 2011 #3
vocative is Sylwio

diminutives: Sylwunia, Sylweczka, Sylwusia or Sylwuś

vocatives of those diminutives: Sylwuniu, Sylweczko, Sylwusiu
JaneDoe 5 | 114
20 Feb 2011 #4
Spot on, gumishu!
21 Feb 2011 #6
u sure u can pronounce that? ; )
cinek 2 | 345
22 Feb 2011 #7
What about Sylwka?

My wife's name is Sylwia. I hate calling them "Sylwka", like some people do. It sounds a little weird to me. Anyways, may depend on one's personal taste.

I use sometimes "Sylwiątko".

skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
22 Feb 2011 #8

What about Sylwka?

This might be easy to pronounce but ONLY to those of us who've been raised in Scandinavia. For most other people there aren't enough vowels in that word. You know, sjuksköterska, etc. LOL
Sasha 2 | 1,083
22 Feb 2011 #9

The word makes a Russian smile, I've noticed :). Often add there "...sköter sjösjuka sjörövar..." to transfer it into a grin.

diminutives: Sylwunia, Sylweczka, Sylwusia or Sylwuś

Seems like diminutives formation is common in the Slavic languages. I would stick with the second. Sylweczka. :)

What about Sylwka?

I guess it would work in Czech. They tend to be lack of vowels. Prst, krst, krk. I am itching to add some vowelsto the one above. :)
gumishu 11 | 5,642
1 Mar 2011 #11
well Sylwka can work - but it is not exactly a form of endearment - it can work like Kaśka, Jadźka, Ulka, Jolka - these forms are not quite warm or endearing - they are just short forms of a name - (one can say Kaśka, Jadźka, Ulka, Jolka are actually augmentatives (an opposite to diminutive) of Kasia, Jadzia, Ula, Jola (the latter being rather affectionate))
Islanzadi - | 2
2 Mar 2011 #12
That's my name :D. I'm Sylwia.
My favourite diminutives are Sylwuś and Sylwusia.

At school they called me Sylwek too.

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