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here / there - difference rules in Polish

chaza 50 | 253
21 Aug 2010 #1
what is the difference in the words
oto / totaj
are there any rukles to obey

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
21 Aug 2010 #2
Oto is the equivalent of French voilà. English lacks a direct equivalent but could be expressed by 'here you are', 'here it is' or 'and there you have it!' Tutaj is a variant form of tu (here).
21 Aug 2010 #3
Might I suggest, "Here it is" usually used in English to show that one has found something; for example a picture in an album, a search result on the web or just to show that you have found the answer to a question!

Regards Paul
21 Aug 2010 #4
Now what about 'ot ' by itself? My Polish teacher once taught that 'Ot!' as an explitive at the beginning of any utterance is/was a Lembergism (Lwów), and hence pure dialect.

Further explanation, please?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
22 Aug 2010 #5
Ot is short for oto, innit?
harrysmith - | 12
6 Nov 2015 #6
I'm a little confused. Is "Tu są cztery krzesła" and "To są trzy jabłka" the same as saying "Here are four chairs" and "They are three apples"?

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