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Polish language diary and language skills

coldlikedeath 1 | 7
6 Nov 2011 #1
Hi all.

I have discovered Polish diaries recently- I mean like Filofax type things (kalendarowy książki- I think that means “calendar book”)- I bought mine in Tesco... now by comparison, my English language Filofax seems boring. I consider a Polish language diary a great thing for me as it reinforces my memories of the names of the months and other European countries, little things like this. I know it sounds stupid but it means quite a bit as I am not a native Polish speaker and can have a hard time remembering the little things like that.

Does anyone know of anywhere that would ship these to Ireland? I would quite like one when I am back home because I consider them nicer than the English language ones. And I haven't found an English language one in bright orange yet, like I did the other night! It floored me a bit, haha!

Also, is anyone willing to help me with my- rather rudimentary- Polish? I am here for a year; I need to up my language skills!

Any advice appreciated, dziękuję bardzo. (I used the search function and did not find anything concerning the diary issue (plenty regarding language and the teaching thereof), and if this is in the wrong somehow, I will be happy to remove it.)
Jimmu 2 | 157
13 Nov 2011 #2
When you return to Ireland I would be willing to send you a Polish diary in exchange for almost anything written in English! Ok, maybe not religious tracts or Harlequin romances........
catsoldier 62 | 595
13 Nov 2011 #3
Why the username "Coldlikedeath"?
OP coldlikedeath 1 | 7
14 Nov 2011 #4
Thank you for the very kind offer. However, I have found a shop that will ship to Ireland. I don't have anything I could send you at the moment...

And why the username? I was going through my emo phase when I chose it, I think that says it all, haha! I have stuck with it, it's memorable.
Jimmu 2 | 157
15 Nov 2011 #5
It was worth a try! :->

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