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About Byki - how to use free lists?

Mala_Elf 13 | 17
25 Oct 2008 #1
I hope that this post is not annoying or irrelevant.

I downloaded the free version of Byki. But I want to use some of the free lists that they offer from the Download Centre. But I do not know how; when I press "Download", all I get is a setup file for what looks like another copy of Byki, rather than any lists =( And I am quite sure that one is not allowed to have multiple copies of Byki...

Does anyone know what I am talking about and could anyone help? I would be most grateful.
cjjc 29 | 408
25 Oct 2008 #2
I take it you are using the "Before you know it" program?

Download the lists and store the files on your desktop then go to the "View list" tab at the top.

Next select "Change list" (Bottom of screen)

Then "From File"

Find the lists you saved on the desktop and your done.


Edit: You download the lists from the website.
7 Feb 2009 #3
Edit: You download the lists from the website.

Dude, there is no question about "What I should to do if I want to use free list offline". Of course, I have to download this list and import it into my Byki application via "View list" tab at the top. Actually, the question is "What is the way to download the free list from Byki website onto my computer. Where is the download link to particular wordlist, not the 'Byki' application itself?"

Let me explain the problem I stucked. I want to download some word list. To do this I go to the byki/listcentral.html. Then I chose, for example, I choose the "Chinese" language because I want to learn some more Chinese phrases. It takes me to /category/Chinese/a. Then I choose some list, for example, this one: /lists/Chinese/CC-lesson-1.html. So, what do I see? The online version of Byki so I now can to train online. But I want to download list onto my computer and use it via my Byki application, right? Well, I suppose, I should push one of this two pretty buttons under the title "Download this list". The one button is "Windows", the other is "Mac OSX". When I tap "Windows" it takes me to /download_sd.plex?reply_w_2.plex?li=39370461000000175174. What I get is a Byki loader that starts to download a new Byki application copy for me. Not the list itself. So, there is a question: Where can I obtain a direct link to the list file with .b4u extension? What is a step-by-step procedure to do it?

Well, I've done reverse engineering and finally found the way to get direct link to any list.

When I tap "Windows" it takes me to /download_sd.plex?reply_w_2.plex?li=39370461000000175174

You have to copy that link and change it this way:
This is a direct link to .b4u file which you can import into your Byki manually
1 Apr 2009 #4
Great Work!
I had the same problem, thanks.

Why the hell have they set it up this way? Are you not supposed to be able to download without the deluxe version?
18 Apr 2009 #5
Thanks,men, you helped me to solve the problem
via google
30 Apr 2009 #6
You Are A Star! Thanks for the reverse engineering asI was getting very frustrated with BYKI and their silly procedures. Thanks again.
16 May 2009 #7
i cant download the programme what do i do?
29 Sep 2009 #8
what about for macs?
4 Jan 2010 #9
just click .b4u after giving download,, u ll ask to save the file then u can import
jc ruiz
3 Aug 2010 #10
help me plz! i cant download byki! ive been having error messages as an invalid appication for win32, im using windows xp, help me plz, anyone?
1 Jul 2011 #11
I think you're all actually wrong, although this method probably works fine too. It's been a year since the last post, so I guess the new versions have corrected the problem. BUT AS OF JULY 2011:

When you go to a web page with "lists" to download, and you click on the Windows download button, you are being told to download a file that looks absolutely the same as all the other "lists". But it is not. Download this .exe file. Start it. Install it. It will NOT install the whole program again. It will NOT create a new instance of BYKI. It will simply install in the program the "list" with the foreign words/expressions that you wanted. Then go back to the program and click the menu "LIST" ---> "Change List" CTRL+O. You'll see your newly downloaded list in the left column. Just open it and start learning.

It works fine. It is just not the way of installing add-ons, that the people are used to.

Just go ahead and install all these .exe "list" files you wanted, and change their name to a proper "language-card" filename before downloading. It will not mess your computer! I've tried it with different languages and it works like a charm, including the different alphabets!
1 Jul 2011 #12
Also, nowadays there's a choice to dowload directly the .b4u file - there are 3 icons to the top left of the "list" page - Windows Logo, MAC Logo, and a .b4u file. That is for manual upload, but I prefer the automatic one with the BYKIDownloaderPC.exe file. The automatic import unfortunately requires the program to be closed, which leads to many program restarts, whereas the manual .b4u import allows to make multiple imports all at once. Choice is yours. :)

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