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Genocide strikes relations between Ukraine and Poland... again

18 Jan 2018 #1
Poland has proposed a draft resolution at the UN Security Council with a claim to recognize the crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists against Polish citizens during the World War II as act of genocide.
jon357 72 | 21,198
18 Jan 2018 #2
Generally the two countries get on very well. There's a long shared history, a lot of cross border families, plenty of shared cultural connections, and of course both are united against the common threat: the murderous Putin's evil empire, Russia.
Crow 160 | 9,400
18 Jan 2018 #3
That I telling long time ago.

Good relations between Poles and Ukrainians, among all Slavs (not only Slavs but, I here speak of Slavs), after all, but, not on the account of truth. Poland as serious state and Poles as serious people, must define what happened and in which territory Poles don`t exist anymore because they were exterminated. Same process must be concluded between today`s Serbia and Croatia- because Croatia wouldn`t exist as such if 700.000 Serbs were not exterminated in WWII.

I look forward to the future when will all Slavs settle their score with Germany, too. Meaning, on whatever territory Slavs were exterminated, German state can`t exist but rather territory must gain Independence if people there want it, or territory must be attached to neighboring Slavic country. Here I point on territories where we have clear documented basis (so I don`t speak of antiquity) of destruction of Slavic pre-Christian states (but states with border on the map), in early middle ages, in what is now Germany.

and of course both are united against the common threat: the murderous Putin's evil empire, Russia.

Why you as Anglo always point on Russia? Do you enjoy in hate among Poles and Russians? Is that it? You see Russia everywhere. Polish-Ukrainian relations are one thing, Polish-Russian relations is the other thing. It also means that Polish-Ukrainian relations aren`t solely problematic. They had some positive moments, too. Same is with Polish-Russian relations. What is sin would be named as such. What is good would be also named. Antagonisms among Slavs aren`t eternal category. Actually, often were result of workings of foreigners.
jon357 72 | 21,198
18 Jan 2018 #4
all Slavs

Except Russia, which nobody likes.

Polish-Russian relations

Poor. Remember that the concept of Intermarium exists to exclude and protect against Russia, and their poodle Serbia.
Crow 160 | 9,400
18 Jan 2018 #5

In your evil you now sank into insanity. As my grandmother, a great Lady, used to say /citation/- ``When God wants to punish somebody, He takes his sanity.``

Man, Pilsudski pointed out Poland`s problems as being in between western European powers and Russia. You English want to use Poland as condom and forcing on the net those ideas about Intermarium being against Russia. Intermarium isn`t against anybody. Its for us. Russia have Eurasian Union, western Europeans have EU or Eurabia or whatever. Intermarium, if (when!) happen, would be for particular interests of us from Baltic to Balkan via Central and Eastern Europe. Sure, whoever move against us, would face common respond.


Poor Polish-Russian relations are acceptable. Or neutral, too. Its all in accordance with Serbian interests, to have situation under control in the level that guaranties prevention of critical negative foreign meddling.
jon357 72 | 21,198
18 Jan 2018 #6
Intermarium being against Russia.

This is the whole point. To protect against Russia and its poodles.

Poor Polish-Russian relations are acceptable

Poland traditionally loathes Russia. Ukraine does too. Both have good reason to, as does any country unfortunate enough to have had dealings with that place.
Taxpaying voter
18 Jan 2018 #7
Except Russia, which nobody likes.

That's not entirely true, some Serbs are big fans of Russia. As can be seen by the way that they have enthusiastically joined in Russia's invasion and occupation of parts of Ukraine. Of course it is a one-way thing, as can be seen from the complete lack of help from Russia when Serbs lost the wars they started in Slovakia, Croatia and Bosnia and then got tossed out of what they claimed to be part of Serbia itself. Both Poles and Ukrainians fought against Serbs in the Croatian and Bosnian wars.

Poland traditionally loathes Russia. Ukraine does too.

And neither of them are fond of Russia's poodles either. It's good to see the two countries being brought closer together.
Przelotnyptak1 - | 274
26 Feb 2019 #8
[moved from]

... And it makes me wonder quite a lot why Polish govt. still didn't issue Polish passports to all the Ukrainians

Polish -Ukrainian history is one long string of mistakes and major tragedies None benefiting either nation .as always Rosia false benefactor for Ukraine.
Hostile, atrocious , neighbor for Poland. We can only dream, what if? I hope we learned as a nation
Vlad1234 18 | 1,046
26 Feb 2019 #9
Polish -Ukrainian history is one long string of mistakes and major tragedies

In the last 75 years everything was relatively cloudless. A good moment to start good relations from a new attempt.

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