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A homeless recidivist (artwork thief) strikes again in Poland

12 Oct 2011 /  #1
I found it funny all the way down the page.

A house of Krakow's famous painter, Jerzy Nowosielski, was robbed in February, the day after his death. The thief took the paintings, icons and other objects approximately valued at 317,000 zł. Police recovered part of stolen works, which they found it in the trunk of a car in Krosno Odrzańskie. The investigation was carried by police officers from a special group Vinci.

- I look stupid now, in the sense that I decided to take the opportunity after I spotted a hole in the fence - explained 31-year-old homeless recidivist Thomas H., accused of breaking and entry.

- For me those were scribbles, I know nothing about art. I was drunk during the burglary, so I did not even put my gloves on - he said. According to him, he panicked after he realized whose house he just robbed. He took one of the larger paintings ("blue-green" - as he described it) out of its frame, rolled it and left at the garbage at the community where his female friend lives.

Thomas H. admitted his guilt during trial. He also expressed his desire to voluntarily submit to a punishment, suggesting 4 ½ years of imprisonment. This deemed unacceptable by neither the prosecutor nor by the court because the accused was also facing two other charges against him: attempted burglary and burglary of another apartment. He pleaded not guilty to the first case and disagreed with qualification of the second case as the "break and entry" because that door had not been actually locked.

Thomas H. expressed his disappointment at the court. He said that by a voluntary submittal to a penalty he wished to save some work for the court of justice. But he also admitted that he has made plenty of trouble for himself, due to the fact that he was already wanted by the police, before the burglary, for his failure to return to prison.

15 Oct 2011 /  #2
Why not try some productive rehabilitation with this man and let him do community service and help him to get some kind of productive job?...Of course, this would make too much sense, and people would cry out that he is being rewarded for crime....Perhaps put him into AA, too, if he is an alcoholic...He committed no violent crime, did he?...I bet that the dead artist would have favored something like this.

Wall Street and financial securities thieves who launder, swindle and 'make bad judgements' on millions and billions of dollars of other peoples money are not put in jail; in fact, they are usually rewarded for their crime by getting huge 'severance payments' and then lucrative jobs with other firms so they can do it again...Notice the contradiction here?...This man publicly admitted his crime.

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