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m grochowski
30 May 2018 #1
In search of information regarding GROCHOWSKI STANISŁAW ks, noted Polish Poet. b. about 1542 in Mazovia,
d. 30 I 1612 in Krakow, poet and translator.

I'm interested in finding if any of his work is published and if any was translated to English.
Where is best place to find his work?
Thank you
30 May 2018 #2
Here is a list of some of his works but mostly they are in Polish and some have been translated to Latin. The article mentions a couple of English translations, but these are not of his works.

His works can be found mainly in libraries.

There is a Polish wikipedia article about him which also lists his works:
OP m grochowski
5 Jun 2018 #3
Thank you, Chemikiem
Greatly appreciated.

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