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Polish passengers on the Empire Windrush

radiogirl 1 | -
17 Aug 2012 #1
Hi, I am interested in finding information about the 60 Polish women and children that traveled on the Empire Windrush. I wondered if anyone knows anything about this or knows what happened to any of the passengers?

Many thanks.
MoOli 9 | 480
17 Aug 2012 #2
boletus 30 | 1,361
17 Aug 2012 #3
On June the 21st 1948 the M.V. Empire Windrush sailed in to Tilbury docs with the first post-war Caribbean migrants workers which is well documented. Less known is the story of 66 Polish passengers that boarded ship in Mexico, women and children displaced from Poland. Their epic journey started in 1940 when the soviets deported hundreds of thousands Polish citizens in to the depths of Siberia.

In 1941, after Germany turned and attacked Russia the Soviets became our allies and joined the West in fighting the Germans. For a few months there was a brief amnesty and the imprisoned Poles were released and, under the leadership General Anders, formed the Second Corps of the Polish army.

There is a detailed list of all 66 passengers, with their addresses in various camps in UK. They were mostly women, many in their 40s, and a bunch of kids of both sexes. The youngest were two eight-years-olds; that would make them 72 years old now, if they are still alive.

Updated with corrected link to the story about Colonia Santa Rosa, Mexico,
28 Jul 2013 #4
I share your interest exactly, and would be very grateful to hear of any progress that you may have made since your post.
Thanking you in anticipation.
13 Apr 2014 #5
I've just come across all this information about the passengers on the Empire Windrush and found that my late grandmother, late aunt and my uncle were on board. They were transported during the war from Poland to Siberia and then apparently went to Mexico through Persia. At the moment that's all I have. My grandmother and aunt and uncle ended up in Manchester with my grandfather. How he got there I haven't found out yet. I remember mum telling me that grandma passed away when I was four so I was really to young to remember her or remember any stories. My mum having gone through the war in Siberia and then in Palestine was very reluctant to talk about those years so I don't have much history to go on. I'll keep on searching more and if you're interested will keep you posted if I find anything of interest. Regards Barbara Korda
17 Sep 2015 #6
Hi @babsie601

I am also researching this subject - Im a documentary producer in London looking itno the 66 Polish Windrushers for a BBC documentary. Is there a way of contacting you outside of this forum?

my email is katy(at)

it would be great to hear from you!

best wishes



Hi there

I am try to make contact with descendants of the 66 Polish nationals who came to GB aboard the MV Windrush in 1948. Im a Documentary Producer researching where each passenger ended up for a potential BBC documentary. It would be fantastic to make contact with any individuals who know anything about this subject and in particular any relatives of the 66 passengers.

I look forward to hearing from you

best wishes

3 Jun 2018 #7
I am unclear from reading this thread how the small group of Polish women & children ended up in Mexico.

Mexico is not a commonwealth country. I am at a loss why Empire Windrush, which was commissioned by the British Government to bring West Indians to the UK in recognition of the commonwealth efforts in the war, would've stopped in Mexico.

Can anyone shed light on this? Also was intrigued how you get to Mexico from Serbia via Persia?

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