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Leon Feldhendler: A hero murdered?

Sokrates 8 | 3,346
15 Jun 2010 #31
^^^ your hate for jews is clear in every single post. jeez. how can anyone discuss anything with you?

Way to brand people instead of adressing their arguments, either point out where i'm wrong or get the f*ck out with ad hominem attacks k buddy?
15 Jun 2010 #32
Reading the racist bullshiit coming from the mouths of some Poles here makes me wonder if there was a reason other than the obvious one that the Nazis set up all their death camps in Poland.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346
15 Jun 2010 #33
Hey Harry will you be at the PF meetup in Wrocław?:) There's a couple of us PF readers who'd love to meet you in person and have a beer or two.
OP MareGaea 29 | 2,752
15 Jun 2010 #34
Stop fighting guys. As soon as I recover from my hangover, I will address the points made in this thread, for the meantime, Harry goes into his corner, plk into his corner and Sokrates goes also in his corner and I don't want to hear any fighting from you guys until my hangover has gone.


M-G (hungover)
15 Jun 2010 #35
As soon as I recover from my hangover, I will address the points made in this thread,

I'm sure that there is no point at all. The anti-semites won't listen to a single word that differs from their knowledge of what is The Truth. It really is utterly laughable: they claim that Feldhendler was murdered by the NKVD so that the NKVD could fit up some AK soldiers. As if the NKVD needed such a thing as a geniune dead body as evidence to fit up anybody! As if they needed any hint of a crime at all!

MG: there was also an uprising at Treblinka. It is far less well known than that at Sobibor but was about as successful.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346
15 Jun 2010 #36
I'm sure that if you come to PF meetup Harriet we can have a nice long discussion during which you will make us see the light, i mean c'mon you're a long time poster you should really appear in Wrocław, we'd put a greeting commitee ready to make you feel welcome, Polish hospitality and all.
15 Jun 2010 #37
Nice of you to finally drop the pretense of not reading my posts. As to Wroclaw, no I'm not going to travel that far (although I may be in that city in September for something else entirely). If you want to be a tough guy, you'll just have to come and find me in Warsaw. By the way, the police that you said would be coming to arrest me still haven't arrived.

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