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Kronika Wielkopolska, Kronika Słowian - Text

Semsem 17 | 26    
24 Nov 2010  #1

Anyone know of where/if there are any texts (English, Polish, other languages) of them online and accessible?

I've been searching for a good number of hours, and have only found sites to purchase copies from (not sites to view the text). I'm assuming that since they're both over 500 years old, there should be something somewhere...

TheOther 5 | 3,012    
21 Feb 2012  #2

Settlers in the Wielkopolska region - book recommendation?

Does anyone know of a good book (preferably in English) about the history of settlement in the region around Poznan after the end of the Great Northern War in 1721? Thanks!
Looker - | 940    
28 Dec 2014  #3

The only thing what I've found are some listings in Google Books. You can't read it as a whole, only searching "From inside the book" is available.

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