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Armia Krajowa - Polish underground forces during WWII

JaneDoe 5 | 114
3 Mar 2011 #1
In today's magazin "Polska Zbrojna" ("Poland Armed") there is an article-interview with Jan Bohdan Chmielewski who worked in a group of execution AK.

Contrary to many beliefs do not necessarily depend on nationality. High importance was the social origin. Polish patriotism flourished mainly at courts and among the urban intelligentsia, especially those of Grodno. However, the village was set indifferent or reluctant, but certainly not hostile.

After resolving the Army I made it the second time in 1945, but I confess that even I did not ask, what exactly is the organization it is filed. I knew that is a continuation of the AK, but I had no clue, what are its goals. I believed that patriotic. And right after the events, which have been really hard for me to agree. I learned, for example, that was the sentence of death on my colleague from the guerrillas just because they assumed - I do not know whether voluntarily or by necessity - a soldier's uniform Polish People's Army.

isthatu2 4 | 2,703
5 Mar 2011 #2
I'll try again later,was a bit like reading one of nomadanet posts :)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
5 Mar 2011 #3
What is your question? Something like a civil war raged in Poladn after the war -- Soviet-backed commies were terrorising Poles who opposed the communist take-over and AK partisans and oterh undergound groups were tyring to prevent the take-over hoping (futiley as it turned out) that the West would come to their rescue either at the conference table or throuhg armed assistance..
goofy_the_dog 1 | 35
13 Jun 2017 #4

Russian Govt forbids AK memory

Russian govt continues to forbid any promotion of memory of the Polish Armia Krajowa victims in the Gulags by for an example not allowing a memorial plate to be installed at a Gulag cemetery in Jolga, Novogrod. Yet they demand of us to glorify and keep using taxpayers money the monuments of the red murderers!

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