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Are Western Ukrainians mixed with Poles?

Envyme 10 | 28
12 Feb 2013 #1
Western parts of Ukraine (except for Subcarpathian Ruthenia) got the Polish admixture, no?
Tim Bucknall 7 | 98
12 Feb 2013 #2
yes theres a large Polish population in Western Ukraine, Zhitomir survived the ethnic cleansing with its community fairly intact.
If you're asking about mixed marriages i have no information but i assume they happen.

The few remaining Poles in Lviv use the Lwow Dialect as heard in the film WĹ‚oscegi (check it out on You tube if you haven't seen it)

Wikipedia claims that "Polish radio stations exist in Lviv" but i can't find them, in the 90's there was a Polish religious station in Lviv with a poor quality transmitter than used to drift around 1476khz
14 Oct 2014 #3
Yes they are. I am a pole from around Krakow but have family and connections from the far East of poland near ukraine. I know many mixed polish ukrainians, some in my school.
Rafal - | 25
27 Jan 2015 #4
And Polish are mixed with German, Russians, Ukrainans, Jews etc... Germans are mixed with Polish and French

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