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Ukrainians in Poland before WW2. Ukrainian last names?

2 Jan 2012 /  #1
ukrainians/ruthenians in poland before ww2?

common or not?

i see many poles have ukrainian/ruthanian last names

where they allowed to move freely within poland?

did they settle in greater poland?
2 Jan 2012 /  #2
they mostly lived in the south-east.

belarussians/jews/gypsies in the north-east.
2 Jan 2012 /  #3
they could live in PL at that time and wherever, if there were funds to resettle. But it wasn't a time when folks could save much, ukies or polies, just as well
OP alxmac  
2 Jan 2012 /  #4
my great grandmother born before ww1 was from greater poland and her surname is a Ukrainian one ''pawluk''
was it common for Ukrainians to settle in all parts of poland?
2 Jan 2012 /  #5
it wasn't common for one simple reason - farmers (or peasants) were poor people and pretty tied to their land (if they had enough to feed themselves)
2 Jan 2012 /  #6
The Poles were poor and the Ukrainians were far poorer. My father talked about it, the Ukrainians were in battle to eat never mind going on country tours.
7 Nov 2012 /  #7
Also, in the south east, borders moved, not people.

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