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Von Taranowski search

10 Jun 2013 #1

I'm trying to find out more about Aleksander von Taranowski who I believe was a Doctor of Philosophy and Philology, born about 1900 and by 1945 an officer, possibly a Major, in the Anders Army. I've tried military history sites but no luck. The spelling is accurate and was taken from a family photograph.

Any ideas?

Many thanks
10 Jun 2013 #2
The spelling is accurate and was taken from a family photograph.

I think you've misspelled it slightly, it's most likely - 'von Tarnowski', there are some hits for that name on the Internet; to make sure, I would suggest you to post a scan of the photo on PF, someone will confirm the correct spelling for you

Any ideas?

I would suggest to lose the 'von' part and search for Aleksander Tarnowski or Tarnawski. I assume you've already searched for Aleksander Taranowski without much luck?
OP MickyRicks
11 Jun 2013 #3

Thank you for your suggestions which make sense however the writing on the photograph is very clear and precise.
11 Jun 2013 #4
If he was in the Western Command Polish army, these people will have his records:
APC MS Support - Disclosures 5
Building 59
RAF Northolt
West End Road
Tel: 0208 8338603
Fax: 0208 8338866

You can find the records access application form (and a bit more information) here:

You might also want to try the Sikorski museum in London.

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