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Are Poles aware of Thracian aspect in original roots of Polish ethos?

Seanus 15 | 19,706
16 May 2010 #61
Did you hear the latest, Crow? The Albanians said to the Macedonians that they were their long lost Ilyrian brothers. The Macedonians had big problems with them.
OP Crow 160 | 10,257
16 May 2010 #62
yes. Albanian attacks on Slavs in the region regularly starting on the field of history. They (Albanians) immediately getting support from the so called west, considering that they insist on theory that Slavs are newcomers to the region. Then, after Albanians consolidate their nationalism (getting support for their claims from so called west), they advance strengthened and Slavs are in defensive (morally inferior) position. With time, support on the field of history transfer to the political sphere and on the end it turning in open military support by so called west.

From long time ago Serbian intelligentsia concluded that so called west wants to see weak Slavic Balkan.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
16 May 2010 #63
Are Poles aware of Thracian aspect? I'd doubt it!
OP Crow 160 | 10,257
16 May 2010 #64
me, too.

Belgrade is still natural capital of Slavic world, no matter how hard i want to suggest Warsaw as capital. :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
16 May 2010 #65
Not Kiev or Moscow? Are they aware of their roots?
16 May 2010 #66
Serbian intelligentsia

Do Serbs have intelligentsia? I sincerely doubt it.
OP Crow 160 | 10,257
16 May 2010 #67
Not Kiev or Moscow? Are they aware of their roots?

Balkan is original homeland of Danubian people (core of Western world). After Ice age was finished, Poland and Ukraine were directly populated from Balkan. Russia was populated from Poland.

just local nationalism in Poland, Ukraine and Russia suggest otherwise, no matter that their own legends turning their heads toward Balkan and Serbs that still hold down there.

Sindidun or Singidunum (old name for Belgrade) is natural center, no matter is it or isn`t official political center. Not to mention strategic importance of Balkan, for Slavic world.

Do Serbs have intelligentsia? I sincerely doubt it.

Serbs are intelligentsia



The name of Kraków is traditionally derived from Krakus (Krak, Grakch), the legendary founder of Kraków and a ruler of the tribe of Lechitians (Poles). In Polish, Kraków is an archaic possessive form of Krak and essentially means "Krak's (town)". Krakus's name may derive from "krakula", a Proto-Slavic word meaning a judge's staff, or a Proto-Slavic word "krak" meaning an oak, once a sacred tree most often associated with the concept of genealogy. The first mention of Prince Krakus (then written as Grakch) dates back to 1190, although the town existed as early as the 7th century, inhabited by the tribe of Wiślanie.

Poljaci! What if?!! >>>

Let us try to give another explanation for Kraków`s etymology >>>

RACOW(local domestic Polish designation for RASHAN/RAS- Serbian) / THRACOW (foreign designation, meaning Thracian) >> KRAKOW >> meaning town of RAS/RUJNI- in Eng. Red/Rose/Pink- refer to White people (in other words Sarmatians)

proof that Proto-Slavs (Ras people / Sarmatians / Slavs) had monumental architecture in time BC >>>

Modern day Bulgaria represent just one small segment of vast Thracian lands in time BC but, we must say, land of what is today`s Bulgaria (also- Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Greece, Northern Albania, Romania) in deep past was populated with the bulk of our Proto-Slavic (Danubian) ancestral population that in later milenias slowly dispersed and migrated along the Danube river to the North, East and West of Europe. Let us see what is discovered till now...

The Goldens WONDERS of the Bulgarian Archaeology - SVESTARY Thracian Tomb

Thracians - One Beautiful Mystery

"THE THRACIANS" - Documentary; TRAILAR ; director: Stiliyan Ivanov

New Thracian Treasure

Thracian tomb - Pomorie, Bulgaria
23 Feb 2014 #68
Etruscan were Anatolian people they are called Rascani original white race .Ottoman empire called Poland as a Lehistan(land of Leh)

Similar to slavic people? they are from anatolia. Mongol semitic invasion changed our dna
9 Oct 2015 #69
Hi Crow. what you don't get is that Thracian and other Slavic tribes like Etruscans Spartans Greece ..etc are from ancient 'Poland/Lechia' yes you are right we are connected .. and Poland is the original HomeLand of the SlavicAryan People

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