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Location of Berkynek in Poland (where my Kicki ancestors came from)

MilwaukeeSon 2 | 5
30 Sep 2010 #1
I have been trying for years to determine from where in Poland my Kicki ancestors came. Until today, the only references that I have found have been to "German Poland" or Poznan (and I think the district of Poznan was meant, not the city.) Anyway, today I found a reference that my great grandfather was born in "Berkynek." However, I can not find that anywhere. Does anyone know to which location that refers?

Thanks in advance.
30 Sep 2010 #2

check the spelling
wildrover 98 | 4,436
30 Sep 2010 #3

Yeah...thats not a German spelling...
Polonius3 983 | 12,333
30 Sep 2010 #4
Could it have been Berlinek? Maybe someone misread that fancy curlicued script.
30 Sep 2010 #5

Barwinek, near Kielce.
30 Sep 2010 #6
You have three places with name Berlinek:

a disctrict of town Wieluń (łódzkie voivodeship)
a part of town Włoszakowice (wielkopolskie voivodeship - 75 km from Poznań)
a name of a village in kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship
1 Oct 2010 #7
None are close enough to Poznań though.

check the spelling

Maybe it is something completely different still.
OP MilwaukeeSon 2 | 5
1 Oct 2010 #8
Thanks for all your help!

I'm getting "Berkynek" off the LDS new beta search engine. As such, I'm not looking at the actual record, but a transcription. Therefore, it could be that whoever transcribed it simply misread it. "Berlinek" seams like a real possibility because the "l" could very easily have been misread for a "k"

Maybe if I see the original record, I'd be able to figure it out.
1 Oct 2010 #9

doesn't sound polish.
jonni 16 | 2,476
1 Oct 2010 #10
"Berkynek" doesn't sound polish.

It certainly doesn't. The 'Berlinek' mentioned above is a possibility, but it is a small place and documents are more likely to have the name of the nearest sizeable place. My money would be on Barlinek, in what might have been called "German Poland", between Poznań and Szczeciń. Here's a link to the town's website:
Polonius3 983 | 12,333
1 Oct 2010 #11
Under German occupation Barlinek was called Berlinchen (Little Berlin). The interesting interesting thing is that German place-names ending in -in and -au are mostly of early Slavonic origin anyway. Eg Zittau from Żytawa.
OP MilwaukeeSon 2 | 5
5 Oct 2010 #12
Here's the latest development. I found a document in which one of my second great uncles listed his birth place as "Strasburg, Pr." That means my great grandfather was born in "Berkynek" (in one document) and "Posen" (in another) and his brother was born in Strasburg, and by that I assume he means Brodnica.

Therefore, either the brothers were born in different locations, or Berkynek is actually Brodnica (but that doesn't explain the reference to Posen.)

What a headache!
6 Oct 2010 #13
That's unusual but not unheard of. Poznan and Brodnica are rather far apart but who knows. Makes me wonder if this Berkynek isn't or wasn't a district in Poznan.
jarekk - | 1
19 Nov 2015 #14

Did you find Berkynek? I'm looking for Berkynek too :-)


Berkynek isn't and wasn't district in Poznan

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