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Locating my relatives while visiting Poland (first generation Polish-American)

DJJ 1 | -
21 Sep 2011 #1
I am first generation polish-american and visiting Poland for third time.

This time I want to concentrate on locating as many relatives as possible
but first need to know what avenues to do this and try to do writing
campaign before I arrive.
peterweg 37 | 2,309
21 Sep 2011 #2
That could be difficult. I havn't located any of my family here. You may also take into account it might be better not to.

A friends father is considering selling his flat in Krakow becuase of the grief his family give him, after three months of it he runs back to Nice (in France) for some peace.
redclover 5 | 19
3 Oct 2011 #3
Hi travelling to Poland to meet relatives you have kept in touch with doesn't appear to be a problem. On the other hand unearthing new relatives and going to meet them seems to pose some problems. My own efforts to do this have sometimes been blocked by a reluctance for the people to divulge too much information.

Possibly they fear that relatives returning from places like America (emigrated 1900's) or Isreal (wartime escapees and post war emigration) might start asking what happened to their family's property and start wanting to claim it back. When I returned to the family home village, I found three strands of the family, but my own seems to have been erased from the records, and none of the 'distant' relatives remaining would admit to knowing our side ever existed let alone how they were connected to the present day survivors.
Polonius3 989 | 12,348
4 Oct 2011 #4
What are their surnames?

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