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American woman visiting Poland in March/April

17 Jan 2011 /  #1
Hello, I am a 30ish black american woman who is going to visit Poland around.

March/April. I have read other forums, websites, spoken to others about my visit. I am going to visit Katowice and Sadow close to Lubliniec. The racism as well as how things are has it pros and cons so I will see when I get there. Just wanted to know what should I expect? I am used to the glares, stares, attitudes just the same as when I have visited any other country. I am used to the usual attention as if being an attraction at a circus or exhibit (LOL) that is nothing new. I also have been warned stay away from the small towns and rural areas. Any suggestions and advice would be great. SN: If I like, I might think about moving there. Thanks in advance.
17 Jan 2011 /  #2
WHAT?! What do yu mean exactly? Was it in Poland or whare? There can happen occasional dislays of racism as everywhere, but I'd never build my opinion on this. You will be one of few of the kind here when you come and that is it. If you catch a few stares - well, that's understandable. Smaller towns: even more curiosity,understandably, but don't treat yourself as a circus exibit - WTF?! Settle whereyouu deicide and that's it.
17 Jan 2011 /  #3
Sadow close to Lubliniec.

I also have been warned stay away from the small towns and rural areas.

Do you realise that Sadów is a village?

You must be visiting some friends because I couldn`t imagine why else a foreigner would come to Poland to visit Sadów and Katowice.

Just wanted to know what should I expect?

Expect stares and glares in rural areas, but probably not so much in the large cities. When talking to people, make sure you let them know you`re from the US not Africa - I think they`ll like you more that way.

Have fun!
OP mrsn  
17 Jan 2011 /  #4
Olaf- yes it was Polish forums and other Polish people. Also Googled "Racism in Poland" pretty shocked at what to find but oh well it is always different for some than others. I don't treat myself as a circus exhibit but that what it reminds me of. Thank you though.

BBman-I am doing exactly that visiting friends. I was told about Sadów being a village. I speak to them every weekend to every other weekend. I have heard about that too (make sure you let them know you`re from the US not Africa - I think they`ll like you more that way). I do plan to have fun a lot of fun. Thank you.
23 Jan 2011 /  #5
The racism as well as how things are has it pros

You lost me on this one. What "pros" does rural racism in Poland have if you're black?
OP mrsn  
23 Jan 2011 /  #6
Everything has it pros and cons.

Racism itself does not (in my opinion) have a pro whatsoever.

I was including racism as well as how things are. Since I have never been there. I have to take what all here and others I have spoken too are saying and be optimist until I have had the oppurtunity to experience Poland myself.
23 Jan 2011 /  #7
I too was planning to visit Poland around the same time but I was going to Wroclaw...I hope you have a good time..I am black american woman and I am marrying a polish man in march!!!
24 Jan 2011 /  #8
Any suggestions

Until people are confident of that you are not going stay here, find job etc and as long as you are perceived as a tourist you don't need to worry about.
24 Jan 2011 /  #9
Will this be for Poland Elections or for future American elections?
OP mrsn  
26 Jan 2011 /  #10
browngurlnj--Good luck if you would like to keep in contact send personal message
9 Feb 2011 /  #11
browngurlnj and mrsn,
I am very happy for you both!!! Enjoy your trip to the fullest! (I am an American.)
14 Feb 2011 /  #12
if you have any questions about Poland and would like to learn more about living/staying here, you can always write and ask.
Because I rarely remember what forum I was, it's better to get in touch with me by e-mail.
You can find it on my website (it's all the time under construction but I plan, in near future, to answer some common questions about Poland there :-).

By the way, you can find me and do not hesitate to ask whatever you want.
I know Katowice (it's not my favourite city)... maybe not well, but been there a few times :)
OP mrsn  
18 Feb 2011 /  #13
Thank you.

13 more days before I am off on a jetplane going to another country (POLAND) can't wait. I am actually excited. Thank you all whom have sent messages, given advice of some places to go and visit.
5 Jun 2011 /  #14
Hello Anna - I will be visiting Poland in October coming from America. I will email you with questions. Thank you for the nice offer to help those of us not familiar with the country. Any information is greatly appreciated!
4 Jan 2016 /  #15
Out of Polish cities Wroclaw impressed me the most. I've been there this holidays. A very nice city. Once I will readily visit Wroclaw again!

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