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Little Poland 1241 location? Małopolska (Lesser Poland)

archiwum 13 | 125
10 Mar 2012 #1
Hi, Can anybody tell geographic location.1241.
pgtx 30 | 3,156
10 Mar 2012 #2
are you asking about Małopolska in Poland?
OP archiwum 13 | 125
10 Mar 2012 #3
No disrespect. What is Malopolska?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
10 Mar 2012 #4

please treat the forum with a little more seriousness. we are not here to mother you.
Peter Cracow
11 Mar 2012 #5
May be this is unproper thread, but as more and more people start to fight with all this ignorant myths about Malopolska (like: "Cracow was a capital", "capital was relocated", "obwarzanek is a bagle", "obwarzanek is a pretzel", etc.), which are so popular in the Internet and cheap guidebooks, I must join them and write that:

- Name "Malopolska" is untranslatable (like a famous old English university city "Byczybrod"). This is not a compound name like "Upper Silesia". In fact it was not "translated" even like Mazowsze-Mazovia (though it could be: "Malopolia" - why not?).

- Name "Malopolska" has absolutely nothing to do with "lesser", "small", etc. Premorial name "Polonia Minoris" ment "New/Young Poland" just like German "New Lands" or European "New Countries" but it was 1000 years ago. Even more: name was greatly transformed and can't be used in archaic form.

All I wrote above needs college knowledge where one learn (at last in my times) about beginnings of Polish state and Young Poland art and literature.

One really don't need junkipedia for this.
pawian 197 | 19,922
11 Mar 2012 #6
Can anybody tell geagraphic location.1241.

Here you are:

Little Poland in the year 1241, bottom right pink and yellow:



Małopolska in English?

I have encountered the folloiwng for Małopolska in English texts over the years:

Little Poland, Lesser Poland and Poland Minor. Also left unchanged (Małopolska) or with only the the barred £ missing (Malopolska).
Does a single standard contemporary form exist? Which one do you use? It's Małopolska round here.

Which one do you use?

Either form is fine so I would not worry about it at all. But the original name for these lands was "Polonia Minor", not "Małopolska". The latter version came much later; see below.

After prof. Stanisław Dubisz, "Między dawnymi a nowymi laty. Eseje o języku", Książka i Wiedza, Warszawa 1988:

Even though the name Polonia officially functioned as the name of the whole country in 10th-11th century, the princes of the statehood cradle (ie, of the lands around Gniezno and Poznań) continually emphasized their superiority and right to the sovereign power over the all Polish lands. For this purpose they used the name Polonia Maior (Older Poland) or Polonia Magna (Great Polonia).

As in opposition to the Polonia Maior the name Polonia Minor appeared to designate the lands around Kraków, Sandomierz and Lublin. Once the name "Polska" has become widespread in the 16th century as the permanent name for Poland, the terms Polonia Maior (Polonia Magna) and Polonia Minor have become translated into "Staropolska" ("Wielkopolska") and "Małopolska".

See also []

By the way:

As word "Polanie" began to function, there became a need to name the land where they lived. Therefore, in written Latin documents the following terms appeared:
Poloniae Regio (Province of Polans), Regnum Poloniae (Kingdom of Polans) or Terra Poloniae (Land of Polans), and later - the lone word Polonia. Amazingly, the said name no longer "belonged" to Polans alone - people living in the basin of the Warta River - but also to Wislans, Mazowszans, Kujawians, Pomeranians and Ślęzans, and thus the new name included the much greater geographic area.

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