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Ancestry: Looking for relatives Bartochevicz, Klacskiewicz, from Rudnia, Poland

Countess 2 | 9    
26 Aug 2012  #1

Hello All
I am new to the Polish forum I am searching for my family roots from Rudnia Poland Bartochevicz, Klacskiewicz, if any one can help me with these names and village. I am also having difficulty understanding how the Polish villages and family names are related I am from Australia where it is very different there are no villages so this is new to me. If this could be explained to me it would be so appreciated. I am also learning the Polish language and would love to communicate and find more out about Poland.

kind Regards

boletus 30 | 1,367    
26 Aug 2012  #2

There are several villages/settlements Rudnia in Poland; there is one in Lithuania; there is one in Belarus and one in Wolhynia, Ukraine. Evidently, you need to start your search with Google maps in front of you. For example, there is 260-290 km road ride from Rudnia near Naliboki, west of Minsk, Belarus to Rudnia, Gmina Michałowo, about 60 km east of Białystok, Poland. From there, there is about 80 km NW to Rudnia, Gmina Czarna Białostocka. From there, there is 319 km due west to Rudnia, Gmina Zalewo, Warmian-Masurian Voivodship.

And that's more or less all - provided that you spelled the village name right, because there are more similarly sounding village names, such as Rudna and Rudno. They all, more or less refer to a red color of soil, indicating existence of iron ore, mostly in marshes. This does not give much of the hint, since all of the villages mentioned above are located on lakes, rivers and marshes.

The second issue is the matter of surnames. Bartochevicz is a terribly mutiliated surname - it does not look right either in Polish, or in English. You need to recover the original surname from your family recors. Letter V does not exist in Polish, W is used instead. CH in the middle should be re-written either CZ, or more probably SH. This gives:

- BARTOCZEWICZ, 0 entries in "Moi Krewni" dadabase, quite improbable surname, very few shown by Google, mostly outside Poland. This indicates name corruption
- BARTOSZEWICZ, according to "Moi Krewni", 3405 people with this surname live in contemporary Poland. This name derives from "Bartosz", diminutive from "Bartłomiej", Bartholomew in English.

Another variation BARTOSIEWICZ, is even more popular in Poland - 4847 persons.

The second surname, Klacskiewicz, is again screwed up. The CS consonant combination exists in Hungarian, but not in Polish. This shoud be CZ instead. The second consonant should be either regular L or £, a so-called dark L, or L with stroke. Possible choices are therefore:

Kołaczkiewicz - derives from "kołacz", a special cake (143 people with this name);
Kłaczkiewicz - derives from "kłak", "kłaczek" - a mop, shred, tuft (140 people of this name);
Klaczkiewicz - derives from "klacz", a mare (0 people of this name in the data base). This does not mean that such name does not exist; it does exist, especially taking into account minor deviation acceptable by googles, or in international spelling.

So now this is up to you to start searching in earnest, going through various genealogical resources, such as You could also try you luck with google. For example [Bartoszewicz Rudnia] brings quite a lot messages, some of them very specific, indicating what Rudnia it is about. Somebody posted the messsage "Re: Bartoszewicz from Rudnia and Naliboki Belarus - Bartosiewicz ." Somebody else wrote this in 2001: After researching my grand fathers surname, I have found that he was born in Rudnia Belarus. This area was under Russian control, and was at one time part of Poland, so my family considered it Poland. On his Ellis Island ship manifest, my grand father had Naliboki as his last residence. These two small towns are located between the cities of Lida and Minsk. My grand father Rafal Bartoszewicz had a large family that remained in the old country, and some family members who came to America, but over the years have lost contact with ours.

The same person (Gary Lew) was searching for both Bartosiewicz (Bartoszewicz) and Kłaczkiewicz.
OP Countess 2 | 9    
28 Aug 2012  #3

Merged: I am searching for relatives in Poland

Could someone please tell me if there are still villages in Poland I am looking for Rudnia is there one in Belarus which was once a part of Poland before the war. My grandma was born in 1918 she was a Bartoszewicz? Bartosiewicz? when she married she became Klaczkiewicz. How do i go about finding my relatives in Poland my grandmas sisters famiies?

maksym 2 | 47    
31 Aug 2012  #4

The village name you are looking for is Rudnia Nalibocka / Rudni Nalibockiej, which was located a few kilometers from the gmina town of Naliboki, which is now within the borders of western Belarus. The spellings of the surnames you are looking for are Bartoszewicz & Klaczkiewicz

I am the grandson of a Bartoszewicz from Rudnia

NadiaK11 - | 1    
5 Oct 2012  #5

Hi Countess and Gary,

Countess, I've been doing some research into my family history and it looks like our descendants might be related... I'm the granddaughter of a Klaczkiewicz from Stolpce (now in Belarus) who married a Bartoszewicz from Rudnia. They moved to Melbourne Australia after the war, immigrating in September 1949.

I'd love to know how your going with your search into your family's history? Aside from a few family photos and some immigration paperwork I don't know very much about my grandparents and their families.

Hi Gary, you mentioned you are a grandson of a Bartoszewicz from Rudnia. I was wondering if you have come across the name Nadzieja Bartoszewicz during your research? She was my grandmother but I don't know anything about her family.

Thanks for your help,
- Nadia
maksym 2 | 47    
11 Oct 2012  #6

Hi Nadia,

I sent you a private message here.

The first name you mentioned isn't familiar to me, but I'm sure we can figure out which Bartoszewicz family Nadzieja is from.
23 Aug 2013  #7

I have been to Rudnia in Belarus.This village was originally part of Poland prior to annexation with Russia.I was taken there by my relatives in Minsk because my mother was born there.Her name was Eugenia Woskresenskaja.I was trying to get a copy of her birth certificate.I wrote to the district registry office in Brest for this.They advised me that all records prior to 1920 no longer existed..However i would advise you to write to that agency to see if they could find some reference to your family,in either spelling or name.By the way the village of Rudnia consists of about 7 small dwellings.There are mainly womenfolk there,most being in their 80's and 90's..Good luck.
Latte - | 1    
28 Oct 2013  #8

Hello Contessa,

I was born in Rudnia, Poland in 1940. My father was Jan Klaczkiewicz, the oldest on 10 children. After the war I know that one of his sisters moved to Australia.


Hello Countess,

I was born in Rudnia, Poland in 1940. My father Jan Klaczkiewicz was the oldest of 10 children. One of his sisters moved to Australia after the war. Maybe we are related.


Hello Countess,

I wrote you awhile back, but I'm not sure that your received it. I was born in Rudnia, Poland in 1940. My father, Jan Klaczkiewicz, was the oldest of 10 children. After the war we moved to the US; he had a sister that moved to Australia. Maybe we are in the same family.

Warm regards, JK
maksym 2 | 47    
10 Nov 2013  #9

Hello Latte,

I know of an Antoni Klaczkiewicz, 1883-1953, and his wife Maria, 1884-1973. They immigrated to USA in 1951 as displaced persons. I think my great uncle Ludwik Bartoszewicz was their sponsor as their arrival manifest lists my great uncles address in USA. Was Antoni related to you?
OP Countess 2 | 9    
9 May 2015  #10

My great grandfather is Nikodem and great grandmother Maria Bartoszwicz (maiden name Szurko)
They had 4 children Adam, Genowefa, Janina and Anna.

My grandmother is Genowefa Bartoszewicz who married a Klaczkiewicz brother I think his name was Boleslaw? They had a son Micheal John Klaczkiewicz (surname was later changed to Klacso in Adelaide Australia around August/September 1959 ) Michael was born 29-10-39 at the start of war in Rudnia Poland. Micheal is my father.

The other brother married my grandmas sister Janina I think the brother her husband is Antoni Klaczkiewicz.

Gary Lew and I are related our great grand fathers where brothers Garys G/F is Tomasz and my G/F is Wincenty Bartoszewicz.

Hi Latte
Sorry for the late reply, I am not sure as yet if we are related. I have looked through all my research on both my families Bartosewicz & Klaczkiewicz and have not yet seen a Jan Klaczkiewicz. I will certainly notify you if I do.

Please keep me informed if you find any information on 2 brothers Boleslaw and Antoni Klaczkiewicz. Boleslaw is my grandfather, he married Genowefa Bartosewicz my grandmother they had a son Micheal John Klaczkiewicz 29-10-39 Rudnia Poland he is my father. Her sister Janina married his brother Antoni Klaczkiewicz.

Kind Regards
Countess / Debra

Hi Nadia
Sorry about the late reply. I have not come across the name mentioned as your grandmother as yet in my research? Did Gary Lew find any information on her for you? He has a lot of years of research compared to me.

My grandfather is Nikodem Bartoszewicz and grandmother Maria maiden name Bartoszewicz and Great grandfather Wincenty Bartoszewicz I do not know his wife's name ?
Gary and my great grandfather were brothers. Not sure, relation wise what that makes us, it is very confusing. If anyone can work it out I would love to know.

Please let me know how you get on Nadia.

Kind Regards
Countess / Debra
Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550    
9 May 2015  #11

BARTOSZEWICZ: patronymic nickname-turned-surname meaning "son of Bartosz" (Eng. Bartson); numerous coats of arms including an own-name one.

KLACZKIEWICZ: patronymic nickname-turned-surname indicating the son of someone nicknamed or surnamed Klaczka (little mare).

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