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Schnell / Robinson - Finding Polish Ancestry/Relatives

22 Apr 2011 /  #1

I could use some advice. My great-grandmother was named Herda Anna Dorothea Schnell and she married John Robinson (British). Herda came from a family of Germans living in Poland (allied, not axis) and they had a son Ralph Robinson in 1922. I now know that my grandfather lived in Poland until he was 11 years old and then fled to Palestine to escape the Hitler youth movement.

My question is, since the family lived in Gdansk (or Zoppot, Free City of Danzig) for so long, what records would still be avaliable today?

Thank you!
22 Apr 2011 /  #2
Good luck, I have been searching for years, with so far, not much. But keep at it, some day, a door will open, for both of us, and we will know.

22 Apr 2011 /  #3
Try the Evangelisches Zentralarchiv (EZA) in Berlin. They have most (?) churchbooks of Danzig on file.
22 Apr 2011 /  #4
This might help, too:

And here are other suggestions:
26 Apr 2011 /  #5
SCHNELL: German for swift

ROBINSON: English patronymic (Robin's son)

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