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Locating family history records (after 1922) - Demczyszyn, Florko

marpckr 1 | 1
3 Nov 2015 #1
I located the village that my grandfather was born in Ukraine which was Turia near Lviv. The researcher did a fantastic job as I have a genealogy report from 1795 - 1922. Sometime after 1922 my family must have moved away as there are no records of them in this area. I have written to a number of archives without any luck. My grandfather was one of eight children and I was hoping someone might be able to help me as I have come to a dead end.
3 Nov 2015 #2
Have you tried It's a free site.
Also, what information do you have about your grandfather? Listing any details here, surname etc would give you a better chance of someone being able to help you.
TheOther 5 | 3,691
3 Nov 2015 #3
The records for your family members might still be confidential (something like the 72-year rule in US census data for example). Have you thought about that?
OP marpckr 1 | 1
4 Nov 2015 #4
I have been on Family Search without any luck.

My grandfather's name was Ignatius Demczyszyn and he was born on the 1 January 1907. His father Basilius passed away in 1922 from an asthma attack . The researcher looked at records until the 1940's at the Busk archives but the family is not mentioned again after my great grandfather's death.

I located my grandmother Sophia Florko family but they weren't able to provide any information on where my grandparent's met etc. For some reason my grandmother didn't keep in contact with her family in the 1940's. They tried to find her for 30 years without any luck and they didn't know that she had married, had a family and migrated to Australia.

Merged: Displaced Persons - Goslar and Helmstedt Germany

My grandparents Sophia Florko and Ignatius Demczyszyn were displaced persons in Goslar and Helmstedt Germany during the 1940's and there was a small Polish / Ukrainian community in this area. I was wondering if there are any descendants who would remember my grandparents or my mother and her brothers. My mother's name is Slawka and her brothers are Bodhan and Roman.

My uncle Roman was born in Goslar and was christened at St Gregor Church in the parish of Liebfrauen. I located the details of his christening and the witnesses were Alexander Szkoruta and Thekla Lytwyn born Monastyrska. Any help is appreciated.

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