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Edward Mikolajec, Help with locating Polish Family

14 May 2011 /  #1

My name is Catherine Sage nee Mikolajec
My Father was Edward Mikolajec

He was born in Rudnik, Raciborz Poland in the 1920's

The son of Karl Mikolajec and Maria nee Wallach

I have managed to find some letters from my late fathers family the return address is Rudnik PYR, pow. racinorz koj, Opole
and another one from 47-400 raciborz from Andrez mikolajec

I did manage to find a telephone number in polish white pages for a Mrs Emma Mikolajec with the above address, who turns out to be my late father's sister-in-law.

But my search eneded there are I do not speak polish or german and Emma does not speak english,

Is there anyone out there that would be able to help please. I want to trace his family as there were other brothers and sisters that I have old photo's of and would love to talk/meet them.

Many Thanks
24 Dec 2014 /  #2
Even Google shows some Mikolajec from Raciborz.. Maybe try to contact them?
Keep in mind that Polish pronounciation for this name will be Mikołajec, and the city - Racibórz. Of course Rudnik is also place for search.

Check some social networking sites like polish or of course facebook. Some Mikolajec ancestors from this area may still live there.
26 Dec 2014 /  #3
MIKO£AJEC: one of nuemrous names derived from Mikołaj (Nicholas). This could have been a patronymic tag (son of Mikołaj), although the most common and unquestioned patronymics would be things like Mikołajczyk, Mikołajewicz and similar.

WA£ACH: 1) Wallachian - member of a Romanian sheep-herding ethnic subgroup fom the other side of the Carpathbians; ; 2) gelding (castrated stallion).

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