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Locating Coworker - Mika Klos

cenver 1 | 4
24 Dec 2013 #1
I am trying to locate a Ms.Mika Klos resident of Warsaw; we have worked together in Hanau Germany Military community in 1988-1990. Can any one help? Thanks
Uglywoman 3 | 76
24 Dec 2013 #2
I think you should contact someone in that company the "hanau german military" and also other people you knew from that time and if you remember any clues she said you can use those as well.
OP cenver 1 | 4
24 Dec 2013 #3
Well thanks for your reply,Hanau US Forces facility is closed and there is no one left to ask that is why I am trying thru this channel.
Uglywoman 3 | 76
24 Dec 2013 #4
I'm sorry to hear, I hope you can find her......maybe she told you what city she is from and whatnot....and about her family....
OP cenver 1 | 4
24 Dec 2013 #5
Her maiden name Klos, She is from Warsaw and has one older sister.who was working as nurse.They own a house in Warsaw at that time her mother and father were living in the house. that is the only info i have!
Uglywoman 3 | 76
24 Dec 2013 #6
How old would she be now? If i were you I would phone the hospitals in Warsaw with the name of the sister, hopefully you know her name, at least you know her last name.
OP cenver 1 | 4
24 Dec 2013 #7
She would be 55/56 years of age. Can you please give me a tip how can I check Klos family's name in Warsaw Telephone book.!
Uglywoman 3 | 76
24 Dec 2013 #8
Ah, she may still work there. You should ask someone living in poland, I don't know..
OP cenver 1 | 4
24 Dec 2013 #9
Well Thanks! I thought you are from Poland!!
Uglywoman 3 | 76
24 Dec 2013 #10
Nope, I'm Taiwanese American but I came to the forum to ask about my Polish friend.
I just thought I would give 2 cents as I've tried locating people in the past myself.
Yes try to contact maybe one of the posters here that lives in Poland and they could look in the phonebook for you.

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