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Does anyone know any history about a Polish royal eagle ring?

Sunshine 21
21 Jul 2014 #1
I was just wondering if anyone knows any history about the royal ring? There is a story in my family that my great grand mother was sent out of Poland with the family ring and she sold pieces of it over the years to survive in America. I am interested in any family history anyone might know.....I don't have much family so there is no one I can ask. Thank you!

I do know it was made out of gems I have been told the last surviving piece is a diamond that was the eye of the eagle
Looker - | 1,091
3 Apr 2015 #2
I'm sure there are more such stories. This old jewelery was very beautiful and often had great value. Mostly these were various family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes people had to put all eggs into one basket, selling all their valuables to start life over again, and unfortunately in most cases the price they received, covered only a tiny percentage of the total value of an item.

Home / Genealogy / Does anyone know any history about a Polish royal eagle ring?
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