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Journal found from Fallingbostel

Joanne knop 1 | 1
13 Jan 2010 #1
moderators...My father was a translator clerk at fallingbostel in 1945, I have journal with names and illness and treatments given is there someone or place that might find this journal of use
frd 7 | 1,399
13 Jan 2010 #2
Isn't there some kind of a museum nearby? People looking for informations about their families usually get in touch with such places first. You could always give it to them.
jonni 16 | 2,482
13 Jan 2010 #3
This is their email address:
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
13 Jan 2010 #5
I know where this museum is, its not very big but full of memorabilia. What unit was your father in? Was he a POW?
23 May 2014 #6
Was there any Rosinski in the journal? If there is please let me know

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