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Goszcz family ancestry??

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11 Feb 2012 #1
Does anyone have information about the Goszcz family from Gołonóg in Silesia region? I am just beginning to research my ancestry and don't have much information yet.

My father's name was Kazimierz Goszcz, born 1916, his father's name was Stefan Goszcz and mother's was Maria. He had a brother named Boleslaw Goszcz and a sister named Stefa, but I don't know her surname. I think Boleslaw's son was named Zbigniew Goszcz. He had more siblings but I don't know their names.

He served in the 1st Polish Armoured Division in WWII and married Anna Magdalena Eisel, a German, in 1947. They lived in Belgium after the war where he worked in the Waterschei coal mine. They immigrated to USA in 1953.

Any information about the family would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
14 Mar 2012 #2
Your name could be a germanised version of Goś = Gosiweski. I am a Gos, an anglised version of the surname..

This website could help you further.

It is of aristocratic origin.

An extract:

The Gosiewski surname
I would like to thank Marek Milewski for help in defining the source materials.

The surname Gosiewski originates from a group of villages Gosie near Zambrow (Zambrów) in Poland. The name of the villages originate from the person Gotard from Milewo. He has founded the first village Gosie Lesnica in 1411. Later around Gosie Lesnica another villages were founded. About 30-40 years later documents can be found where people call themselves 'from Gosie' i.e. Jan from Gosie, Wojciech from Gosie. Not a long time later the first references of the surname Gosie (without 'from') can be found. The firs written document is the land act from 1642 where Stanislaw Gos crest Buyny is mentioned. This has remained for the next 1-2 generations in XV century. Later for convinience instead of Gos they were referenced as Gosiewski which is the final surname. Due to mistakes there were some variations of the surname like Gasiewski or Gąsiewski etc. but this is already a different story. The original spelling 'Gos' or 'Goś' also remained in some regions.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 Mar 2012 #3
GOSZCZ: possibly derived from such Old Polish first names as Gościmir or Gościsław; or a topo nick from such localities Goszcza, Goszacznów or similar.

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