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Floetenstein, Prussia - need to verify Polish name.

13 Jan 2012 #1
Hello and greetings from Australia. I am researching my father's and his grandparents birth origins and have managed to find an old map which shows their birth place of Floetenstein (Pommern). Nearby were larger place names of Rummelsberg and Baldenburg.

I am trying to find/confirm the Polish change of place name. I have seen in some geneaology websites the reference to Floetenstein as "KOCZALA", but not sure if this is correct.

Googlemaps, does show the town of Koczala with Gmina Polanóv (could this be the old Rummelsberg) and Gmina Bobolice (could this be the old Baldenburg

Can anyone help me with finding a map/atlas that may have both names denoted? Or whether my assumptions above are correct.
Many thanks!
boletus 30 | 1,366
13 Jan 2012 #2


Correct German spelling: Flötenstein, Rummersburg

[Berg=mountain but Burg=castle]

Baldenburg (German), Biały Bór (Polish), Szczecinek County, Western Pomeranian Province, 2219 inhabitants (in year 2010)
Rummelsburg(German), Miastko (Polish), Bytów County, Pomeranian Province, 10 841 inhabitants (in year 2009)
Flötenstein (German), Koczała (Polish), Człuchów County, Pomeranian Province

Although these places are located in three different counties and two different provinces, they are in fact close to each other:
Biały Bór - Koczała - 24 km by road
Miastko - Koczała - 20 km by road
See Google maps: Koczała, Polska
OP Eric_in_Aust
13 Jan 2012 #3
Thank you Boletus.

We have found a very old map of Europe which has detailed all the earlier place names and have been trying to match this against a modern map (googlemaps). Your information helps alot.

At least now we can plan better for travelling from Berlin to Koczala.

Many thanks!
1 Sep 2013 #4
You have the right name for the town which is located in modern day Poland. There is a book called Müllers that has the Polish equivalent of the old German names. I volunteer at the familyhistory center in Mesa, Arizona. My daughter-in-law's ancestors are from this town. The Salt Lake Genealogical Library has a film of civil registration (vital) records for a limited time period of about 4 years 1877-1881.

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