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Demko - Finding Polish ancestry.

10 May 2013 #1
I'm looking for relatives that were born in 1920 and the listed area of birth is Borowa-Hora, Poland. I believe that he changed his last name. I know that his name was Joseph Demko and he had 2 brothers. One was killed on the first day of the Russian front and the other brother was pushed onto the railroad tracks in his car and killed. All I know is that one of his brothers name was Alexander. The father is listed as Tyotn Demko and the mother is listed as Catharina unknown. This information came off us the Application for Social Security in the United States. I think they meant Borowa-Gora but am not sure. I do not speak polish and am hitting many road blocks. He married a Germany woman in Germany and was a shoemaker at one time. Still had the hardware for the trade. I know that he spoke french, polish, english, german, and russian. He supposedly was on the train to aushwitz and jumped the train but his friend also on the train parished. Anybody with any ideas, I would love to hear from you. Most of the family is gone and the ones that live said there was no conversation about the past allowed in the house. Many thanks!!!
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
12 May 2013 #2
DEMKO: This nickname-turned-surname originated as the hypocoristic (endearing) form of the Ukrainian first name Demian (Polish Damian). Sizable clusters of Demkos live in the Przemyśl and Krosno areas of SE Poland along today's Ukrainian border. That is where the locality of Borowa Góra (Ukrainian: Borowa Hora) is situated.
johnny reb 41 | 8,053
18 Oct 2019 #3
Hey guys this is very close to my stomping grounds so I will be attending.

Maybe I will find out that my parents and grandparents are really from Japan and just have a Polish sounding name. :-/

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