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Polish childs name in church book - give me opinion what it says

dsprinting69 4 | 6
19 Dec 2012 #1
This is a note next to a childs name in church book. Can someone please tell me what it says?
Thank you in advance

pawian 176 | 14,885
19 Dec 2012 #2
main content is

Josephus Gąsior

Cecilia ux Joannis Stasik

matrimonium contrait in .............

St Stanislai, Pittsburgh, PA

AD 1913

Anna Dobrzyńska, 1889
OP dsprinting69 4 | 6
19 Dec 2012 #3
so who actually got maried in St. Stanislaus in 1913. It is noted next to a baptism of a child named Victoria stasik who was born Dec 10, 1856. But Victoria married in 1880 a Jacob Andreasik in Brzeziny. Can you help some more with this?
pawian 176 | 14,885
19 Dec 2012 #4
It is a mystery that forum`s genealogists will surely resolve but you need to wait a little as they always go to fitness/wellness center on Wednesdays and come back late.

For the time being, a little crib:
Zazulka 3 | 129
20 Dec 2012 #5
I would say that Josephus and Cecila are shown as the Godparents. Ux. is short for the Latin uxor wife of. So the left column could be showing the names of the Godparents: Josephus Gąsior and Cecilia wife of Joannis Stasik. Right side most likely provides info regarding the parents of the child, the date and place of marriage and mother's name. I would say that the parents were married in 1913 and Anna Dobrzynska, probably the mother, was born in 1889. Obviously this is impossible if the child was born in 1856 as you say. So my theory must be wrong.

What is shown on the very left side of the church book?

Nineteen century baptism record always contained: day, month and year of the child birth, day, month and year of the child's baptism, name of the father and often his occupation, first and maiden name of the mother, names of godparents, sometime godfather's occupation, priest name as well.
Zibi - | 336
20 Dec 2012 #6
All I can say is that the priest noting the ACT was well educated and Polish. All correct diacritic marks are in place!

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