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Polish Preserves, any recipes?

Barney 16 | 1715
16 Jul 2010 #1
I have a lot of summer fruit at the moment and was wondering if anyone had any recipes for preserves. After eating to excess we always make jam but I'm interested in Kompot recipes or any other ways to save fruit.

Anything involving Gooseberries would be greatly welcome.

Here’s hoping and thank you.
polishmeknob 5 | 154
16 Jul 2010 #2
Mash up the fruit. Throw in a couple of cups of sugar and boil it all.
Put the hot mass into jars and seal them with lids. Cool.
You now have jam in airtight jars!
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1594
16 Jul 2010 #3
Even if it's not typical Polish, you can make squash/cordial. Home-made tastes much better.
OP Barney 16 | 1715
16 Jul 2010 #4
I make a lot of jam for myself and also to give when visiting. Are there any combinations that you would recommend?


This sounds good.

Thank you
jonni 16 | 2475
16 Jul 2010 #5
Try elderberry and apple.
16 Jul 2010 #6
Try powidlo - cook fruit (traditionally plums, but you can do it with apples) over a very low heat with a little water (no sugar) stirring frequently, until thick and a spoon dragged through it leaves a valley.
OP Barney 16 | 1715
17 Jul 2010 #7
elderberry and apple

Luckily I have access to both so will give the combo a go in autumn thanks. I haven’t tried these together as the elderberries usually go into wine. Apples and pears make a better wine a lot less acidic.


Plum Butter? I may try this in autumn with Damsons.

Thank you:)

yummy stuff

Yeah, I'm looking forward to trying it we dont have anything like that here.
I grow a lot of stuff and give lots away, its nice how a few jars of jam or chutney always makes people smile:)
plk123 8 | 4134
17 Jul 2010 #8
Yeah, I'm looking forward to trying it we dont have anything like that here.

english to the compote too.. it is unheard of in the states.. not sure about canada.
OP Barney 16 | 1715
18 Aug 2011 #9
OK I'm going to pick a lot of plums today and I intend to make plum butter. The plums that are ripe are Victoria a dessert plum hopefully they will work. The problem is that sugar is used to both sweeten and help preserve the fruit but Victoria plums are very sweet so don’t need sugar.

It’s a long shot but does anyone know if I will have to freeze this butter or will it keep without.
beckski 12 | 1610
18 Aug 2011 #10
Polish Preserves, any recipes?

I'm in search of a Polish rose jam preserve recipe. My Great-Aunt Janka makes the jam from roses, grown in her Polish garden. She wouldn't give me the recipe. She says the recipe can only be successful, by using authentic Polish roses!!!
OP Barney 16 | 1715
30 Jun 2012 #11
Going to try preserving summer fruit in alcohol, anyone any ideas of good combinations of fruit and alcohol mainly to preserve the fruit.

I'm going to try strawberries in white rum and also separately in vodka.
30 Jun 2012 #12
anyone any ideas of good combinations of fruit and alcohol mainly to preserve the fruit.

Cherries in KIrsch are very moreish....
boletus 30 | 1360
1 Jul 2012 #13
anyone any ideas of good combinations of fruit and alcohol mainly to preserve the fruit.

Wiśnia łutówka, a.k.a. morello cherry (Schattenmorelle, Shadow Morelle in German) - my favoured childhood fruit, very juicy, sweet-sour, almost black. See the picture of the fruits in German Wikipedia.

The famous German Black Forest cake, sold everywhere in North America, is not worthy its name if it is not made with true morello cherries. Regular cherries or "wiśnia szklanka (sour glassy cherry)" do not count. In Toronto stick to the German, Polish or Balkan bakeries to get the right fruit in the cake.

The recipe:
Take ripe "wiśnie łutówki", but not too ripe. Cut off the stalks in the middle. Put them in a sieve and pour boiling water over them. Puncture them in two-three places with a wooden toothpick and arrange them in a jar. Add a little bit of cinnamon and few grains of coriander. Pour thick sugar syrup mixed with rectified spirit (%98 alcohol) to obtain resulting %33 alcohol. The proportion of sugar to water is 1:1; for example 300 gram of sugar to 300 ml of water for every 1000 gram of wiśnia. Put the jar at the sunny place for 4-6 weeks.

For the curious minds, there are four hypotheses for the derivation of the name morello cherry.

+ From Château de Moreilles, where supposedly, already in 1598, the sour cherries of this type have been bred in the garden of the castle. There was and there is a Château de Moreilles in France.

+ From Latin amarus, English morello, Italian for bitter AMARELLO. However morello cherry is just slightly sour but not bitter. Rather unlikely source.
+ Late Latin maurella (diminutive of "maurus", the Moor), which refers to the dark color of the fruit: The morello cherry is red-light during ripening, but when fully ripe, it is dark. Quite possible origin.

+ from Chatel Morel: the griot du Nord (Chatel Morel) is the French name of morello cherry. Most likely origin
pawian 223 | 24385
1 Jul 2012 #14
The Jewish love for all things sour and pickled transcends cultural and denominational boundaries. As culinary historian Claudia Roden writes in "The Book of Jewish Food," in the 19th century, pickled vegetables, and particularly preserved cucumbers, cabbages and beets, "were staples in the diet of Jews in Poland, Lithuania, the Ukraine and Russia." There, pickles were served with bread and often made up the center, and sometimes the entirety, of a meal - especially during the winter months, when fresh produce was scarce.

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