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Polish Beer Recipes

27 Jan 2010 /  #1
Does anybody know any Polish beer recipes? I brew my own beer and I would like to try a Polish recipe for brewing beer.

I'll also accept liquor recipes as well... ;)

Haha... maybe I wasn't clear. I have not been able to find any Polish beer recipes on Google. I can't even find them in Polish because I do not know what Polish words to search for. All that I know is that piwo is beer.

Sorry. I just figured maybe somebody on here brewed their own beer and might want to share some recipes.
27 Jan 2010 /  #2
I brew my own beer and I would like to try a Polish recipe for brewing beer.

the pale lagers or the porters?
OP Paz  
27 Jan 2010 /  #3
Either. Both. :)

I love beer... all styles.
27 Jan 2010 /  #4
Polish pale lager is the same as czech pale lagers, the breweries websites have info on the particular hops and grains that are used.

Baltic Porter is notoriously difficult to pull off correctly, I did [] before Christmas, but used extract instead of grain and it came out quite tasty :) If you're using ale yeast, you need to cold ferment to keep the "fruitiness" in check. Lager yeast, just follow the recipe.
OP Paz  
27 Jan 2010 /  #5
Thanks for that info.

Out of curiosity, what extracts did you use for that recipe on there? Did it really turn out pretty good?

I'll look into the Czech pale lagers.
27 Jan 2010 /  #6
Munich LME and Pilsner LME, 5,6lbs each. You can also replace the Magnum hops with Lublin for a more Polish experience :)
27 Jan 2010 /  #7
There are a few brewing books that have Polish beer in them. Look on
OP Paz  
27 Jan 2010 /  #8
Convex - I'll do that... thanks! :)

lowfunk99 - I didn't know that. Looks like I have some books to buy!
28 Jan 2010 /  #9
Here is how to Make Homemade Beer – Simple Recipe

28 Jan 2010 /  #10
Does anybody know any Polish beer recipes?

Dude, just go to BevMo!!!!! They've got plenty of Polish beer and you can drink it immediately!!!!!!
28 Jan 2010 /  #11
Brewing just to have beer is like buying a yacht so that you can eat fish. I'd rather experiment and have something fresh and exactly how I like it... That's the fun of brewing, getting it exactly down to what you enjoy, and trying new things that you could never get out of a store.
28 Jan 2010 /  #12
Fair enough, sounds like fun. I just wanted to mess with you a little. :)
28 Jan 2010 /  #13
Might want to beware, we home brewers are becoming more militant. I don't want to say firebombing campaign... but if grains keep going up in price...
28 Jan 2010 /  #14
Yeah--the reason behind making your own beer to most people is to say " I made It"!! just like making bimber and nalewka.
OP Paz  
28 Jan 2010 /  #15

Convex nailed it. It's very satisfying to create your own beer exactly to your liking. I've brewed quite a variety of beers by now. Every single one of them is undeniably better than most of the crap sold in the stores. Fresh (but aged) homebrew is absolutely delicious.

I'm just looking for new recipes. :)
28 Jan 2010 /  #16
Anyone know how to make Krupnik???
28 Jan 2010 /  #17
ya drunk, brew some beer. I'm sure Paz and I can help you out.

If anyone wants to do some trading, let me know. We should get a nice trade up program going. I'll start putting a bit of the good stuff aside if you're interested in trying some of my babies. (Ron, if you do end up making some good Krupnik, I'm willing to make the mighty sacrifice and drink some of your moonshine :) I have some sloe gin going that might be right up your alley...
OP Paz  
28 Jan 2010 /  #18
Do you know the laws for shipping alcoholic beverages from the US to Poland (and back)? I'm not sure about how to go about that. I don't even know how homebrew would hold up being shipped.

If we could pull that off, I'd definitely be up for trading some.
28 Jan 2010 /  #19
Apparently, USPS will not ship alcohol under any circumstances (which is ok, because I don't trust Poczta Polska with pillows, and wouldn't be real comfortable with them handling beer).

UPS and FedEx ship it, no major questions asked if it's labeled as something else. Let me check on the legality of this, worst case scenario, I have a military APO address that I can use...
OP Paz  
28 Jan 2010 /  #20
That would be great! I'll have to brew one of my better recipes now.

Looks like a trip to the brew store is in order... :)

Looks like it's not legal.

The best way to go about it would be to use DB Schenker to ship internationally. However, I think we'd still have to word our descriptions carefully. DB Schenker will clear customs though. UPS and FedEx might run into problems with customs.

SCHENKER SP.ZO.O. is the name of the company in Poland. There's a DB Schenker office near me. I'll see if I can find out about rates.

FYI- This company is how people ship beer internationally for homebrew competitions.
29 Jan 2010 /  #21
DB Schenker

Good ole Deutsche Bahn :)
29 Jan 2010 /  #22
Ronwest---here's you're recepie for "krupnik"

1-1/2 cup honey
2/3 cup water
1 tsp. vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
8 sticks cinnamon
2 whole cloves
3 strips lemon peel
1 bottle vodka

Combine honey with the water, vanilla, spices and the lemon peel in a large saucepan. Bring this to a boil cover, and simmer for about 5 min. Add vodka, remove from the heat serve hot or cold.

OP Paz  
29 Jan 2010 /  #23
That also sounds good. I'll have to try it.

By the way, I went to the store last night only to find out that they don't sell rectified spirits (spirytus) in my state. Looks like I'll have to go to a different state to get some.
29 Jan 2010 /  #24
If you're close to the Canadian border---come on over---we have lot's in stock.

OP Paz  
29 Jan 2010 /  #25
It's about 4 hours to the border by the falls for me. Much closer to just go to Maryland (1.5 hours).
30 Jan 2010 /  #27
Does anyone know any websites, were you can buy brewing supplies in Poland??
30 Jan 2010 /  #28
My last order was from
31 Jan 2010 /  #29
Ronwest---here's you're recepie for "krupnik"

Awesome, thanks so much!!!!! Will let you know how it turned out.
31 Jan 2010 /  #30
1 bottle vodka


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