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Indian Food Lovers in Olsztyn area, Poland

TomDimdom 3 | 3
10 Oct 2012 #1
Hi to Any Indian food lovers in the Olsztyn Area of Poland

My name is Tom and Ive been in Olsztyn for 5 months now I'm English but I love cooking Indian food.

This is for anyone else who loves Indian food (Indian or not). I am a qualified cook with 16 years experience (I can go in to more detail another time), However I would like to know how many people in the area of Olsztyn North East Poland that likes Indian food as I'm seriously thinking about opening some kind of small restaurant or takeaway service here. I want to get an idea of the amount of demand from people that would like to have this option. I know about religious preferences and my partner is a vegetarian so I have many nice veggie options, but before I start my plan I want to know if there is a big enough demand here!!

Please send me a reply on here if you would like to meet up or chat on here.

Kind regards

phtoa 9 | 236
10 Oct 2012 #2
I want to know if there is a big enough demand here!!

I can't say how the market is in Olsztyn, but in Krakow there is a few and they are quiet successful.
especially this one:

I believe location has alot to say as well.
10 Oct 2012 #3
If Warsaw is anything to go by, there is certainly demand from Poles for curry now. 12 years ago there was one (maybe two) here, now there are 21 (by my count, I may well have missed a couple).

some kind of small restaurant or takeaway service here.

The technique which seems to work in Warsaw is to open a tiny place with maybe three tables and mainly do take-away. Once you've got a decent regular business flowing in, you can get some investors and open a bigger more formal place in a better location.
freeosphere - | 6
10 Oct 2012 #4
Hey Tom,

I am glad you like Indian food and have plans to share it with others. I like it too, but I'm a horrible cook so I order it from a nearby Indian restaurant.

Since, I live in Warsaw, I am afraid I can't say much about Olsztyn. But, I think, Poles like Indian cuisine. It's exotic, it's colourful and tasty as well. Even other vegetarian restaurants like Greenway are doing a good business over here.

I think you have a good chance getting some success over there, provided you keep your prices and spices low. Poles like it mild (£agodny in Polish).

Personally, me and my girlfriend love Dal Makhani and Mango Lassi. :P

Good luck with your new venture!
candyfloss - | 3
9 Jan 2013 #5
Hey Tom,

I am glad you like Indian food. What are the items that u will be serving in ur restaurant?? if u need any help with recipes,lemme ready to help!!.....btw i always thought of making masala kluskis..idk if poles will like it.
1 Feb 2013 #6
hmm, in north eastern Poland? It's a popular tourism area during summer, so u might get a good deal with it. Idk abt the rest of the year but to my knowledge, it's not very prosperous in services at other times.
6 Jan 2014 #7
Tom Indian food is exactly what Olsztyn is missing. There are a lot of foreign students studying here and I can honestly tell you that Indian food is something we all crave. There are around 200 students here and a lot from Eatern backgrounds that love Indian Food too! And a lot more pooling in every year! Raising awareness for it will be easy. We have a forum where I can post the good news if you are setting a restaurant up :) All the best
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
7 Jan 2014 #8
Location is crucial, Kortowo and somewhere in the middle of Jaroty or even God's hand help doesn't save you.
29 Jun 2017 #9
Then what is the revenue generating source in Poland for international students
nisu - | 2
29 Jun 2017 #10
Hey Tom,

I am glad you like Indian food. What are the items that u will be serving in your restaurant ? I am from India and I would like to help you to make some interesting recipes. And also I am going to visit Beautiful Poland for 2 years. Happy to help you.

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