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Gluten Free - Celiac available in Poland?

Dave1982 1 | -    
11 Jul 2010  #1

I am traveling to Poland in August. I have celiac (Coeliac) disease. I can not eat anything with gluten (wheat, barley, oats). Any advice when I go? Thanks


jonni 16 | 2,491    
11 Jul 2010  #2

Try Kasza Gryczana - it is everywhere in PL and gluten-free.
24 Aug 2016  #3

Iam a Coelic and visiting in December can you get gluten free food in Krakow
Atch 14 | 2,239    
24 Aug 2016  #4

If you're self-catering then yes, you should be able to find gluten free products in the larger supermarkets. Here's an example of what you can get from Auchan, a chain with branches in Krakow:

Gluten free in Polish is 'bez glutenu' easy to say! You'll also see a lot of products with 'bez konserwantów' which means without preservatives and 'bez dodatku cukru' without added sugar. Hard to get things without salt which is 'bez soli'.

Home / Food / Gluten Free - Celiac available in Poland?
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