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What's your favourite tea that's sold in Poland? And what tea do you like but can't find here?

19 Jul 2017 #1
Rather than go off topic by discussing tea in a thread about coffee, here's a thread to discuss tea.

Personally I like Twinings Lady Grey tea a lot better than the coffee of the same name and it's not too hard to find, I've even seen it in Biedronka! The one I like but can't find here is Twinings Assam, so I always get a couple of boxes when I'm in the UK. Has anybody seen Twinings Assam for sale in Poland?
Atch 23 | 4,053
19 Jul 2017 #2
Alma used to have a few Twinings blends but I don't remember if they had Assam. I think they had Darjeeling from time to time. They also had a range of very reasonably priced ones imported direct from India. I think they were called Silver Pot and they were packed in little wooden tea chests. Haven't seen them anywhere else since. Since Christmas Biedronka have been stocking Twinings Earl Grey and English Breakfast loose tea at 11.99 per tin as opposed to 15.99 in Auchan. It used to be about 18.00 in Alma!! And they still went out of business.............

Is the Lady Grey blend milder than Earl Grey, Harry?? Because that wouldn't go down well in the Atch camp at all I must say.

I can't say I've ever found a blend of tea in Poland that I find acceptable for the Irish palette. They simply have no kick at all and the depth of flavour isn't there. I suppose most of the brands known to us in the British Isles are not available in Poland because it would take a major marketing campaign to launch them onto the Polish market, otherwise they would just languish on the supermarket shelves, and it's a big expense to undertake with no certainty of a return on the investment.
Cardno85 31 | 976
4 Aug 2017 #3
I found in Poland, the tea seems to be mainly based on a Darjeeling blend which is a much lighter and more delicate tea than the Assam that most UK teas are based on (talking big brands). This works better for the Polish want to drink tea with a little syrup and lemon. It's not ideal for a builders brew though. While in Poland I got Yorkshire Tea from Allegro (nothing against Poland, I ordered it online when I was in the country in Scotland and the local shop didn't stock it, and carry it to work in a wee Tupperware box even now).

I think what Poland do really well is the selection of herbal teas and fruit infusions. Most supermarkets here have huge selections of black tea, but others are minimal so I often go to the Polish shop for my mint and orange which is lovely.

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