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Is KALE sold available in Warsaw? Anyone fancy jarmuż in Poland?

1 Jul 2013 /  #1
Anybody know anywhere that sells the vegetable kale? Any help appreciated
1 Jul 2013 /  #2
Your best bet is probably Polna Market, but it's a long shot. Try getting some seeds from the UK and growing it.
2 Jul 2013 /  #3
In Poland, Kale is a home-grown vegetable that is easy enough to get in the countryside. It's rarely sold in Polish stores, although you may see it in vegetable stands in January. Also, you're looking at the wrong time of the year. Kale is a winter vegetable, and requires a good frost before it becomes really tasty. December and January are peak kale season. It's one of the few green things available fresh at that time of the year. At the beginning of July, gardeners haven't even planted kale yet.
2 Jul 2013 /  #4

I have bought it here before, but like in the above post- it is not in season yet.
22 Oct 2015 /  #5
Merged: Anyone fancy jarmuż (kale)?

Wife picked up a head (bunch, shrub, stalk?) of jarmuż for the first time. She stripped it from its stems, chopped it up and cooked it. It tastes and looks a little like red cabbage. Anyone familiar with kale and know a good way to prepare it. I seem to have read somewhere it was a speciality of the Poznań (Wielkopolska) region. Any Poznanians on PF know whether that's the case?

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