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What food and drinks should I buy a Polish friend who is missing Poland?

23 Oct 2013 #1
Hi guys

Please can someone recommend things I can send to my Polish friend who now lives and works in Morocco. I live in London and there are many shops to buy polish products but there so too many to choose? Can you suggest a good typical set of products any Polish person would appreciate. So vodka, tinned meats/fish, chocolates, sweets, biscuits, soft drinks, things for cooking and anything else! It would make my friend so happy! I hope someone can help. At the moment tesco have a good selection but I will go to a real Polish supermarket :)

Thank you again

Monitor 14 | 1,817
23 Oct 2013 #2
Żóbrówka, ogórki kiszone and kiełbasa.
TaiCat 1 | 30
23 Oct 2013 #3
That's so nice of you :)

If your friend likes ver sweet stuff, Michalki would be a good choice

Polish sweets

you can even get them in some UK Tescos in polish section. Michalki are something that reminds many of their childhood

Another sweets (also available at Tesco) are 'Ptasie Mleczko' (Bird's milk lol)

Polish sweets

It's a marshmallow/cream coated in chocolate
johnb121 4 | 183
23 Oct 2013 #4
Can I give you the alternative spin on this? By sending Polish foodstuffs you will just be reminding your friend of of things they're missing. From my own experience of being sent to live and work in India I know that what helped me was finding local foodstuffs I liked, not searching for, eg, Cadbury's chocolate. Your friend needs to focus on finding new things to love about Morocco, not what they miss about PL.
Cardno85 31 | 973
23 Oct 2013 #5

The new Kokosowe ones are to die for! I love Michałki, thought the white ones were too sweet, coffee ones didn't taste that great and the orange ones i hated (I have a thing about orange and chocolate). But these new Kokosowe are the nuts (pun....intended!)!
rybnik 18 | 1,454
24 Oct 2013 #6
Soplica is delicious! I highly recommend it
(tried it for the first time this summer
mochadot18 17 | 246
25 Oct 2013 #7

+100 Stuff is GREAT!!!!
DominicB - | 2,707
25 Oct 2013 #8
Żóbrówka, ogórki kiszone and kiełbasa.

Yew meen Rzóbrufka, of coarse. :)
Marina - | 2
12 Nov 2017 #9
Hi. Can you please inform about polish best online stores?
kondzior 11 | 1,045
5 Sep 2018 #10
Fvcking love me some sernik. With raisins.
Miloslaw 20 | 5,086
5 Sep 2018 #11
I'm with kondzior!!
Polish chesecake is the best...especially with raisins!

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