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3 Polish Lenten soups

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
18 Mar 2011 #1
Lent, known in Polish as Wielki Post (literally: the Great Fast), has developed some unusual foods over the centuries. It was lean, meatless fare, including herring and other fish as well as soups and gruels that reigned supreme. Here are 3 of those soups.

ZUPA CZOSNKOWA - GARLIC SOUP: dice 2 buds garlic fine and mash with flat of knife with a bit of salt on cutting board into a paste. Place in soup bowl, top up with boiling water, salt & pepper to taste and eat with a slice of rye bread (something like chleb baltonowski) or whole rye (żytni razowy) on the side.

ZALEWAJKA - TART POTATOP SOUP: Peel, wash and dice 2 potatoes and cook in 1-1/2 pints water until tender. Add 1 c liquid żur (sold at Polish food shops) and bring to the boil. Add 1 diced onion fried to golden brown in oil plus the drippings. Season with salt, pepper and marjoram.

POLEWKA PIWNA - BEER SOUP: Cut 2 slices rye bread into 1/2 inch cubes and fry to a golden brown in oil on all 6 sides (if you're the patient type) or at least on 2 sides (if you're not). Set aside. In saucepan combine 1 pt water, 1 pt lager and 1/4 teaspoon bruised caraway seeds and cook to just below boiling. Salt & pepper to taste. In soup bowl place the fried croutons and some cubed farmer cheese (pressed curd cheese) and drench with hot soup.
Marynka11 4 | 677
18 Mar 2011 #2

Wasn't that the soup the spinsters wre cooking in Babette's feast?
18 Mar 2011 #3
Probably, although somehow I doubt in the film that it was prepared with beer-:) Then again, the Danes are rather much famous for their "olsuppe" or "beer soup" LOL
Marynka11 4 | 677
18 Mar 2011 #4
I'm quite positive there was beer in it...
18 Mar 2011 #5
You may well be right, Marynka. After all, there was talk of some "secret ingredient" in the Why not-:)

hick.! Na zdrowie, paniusu.....
mafketis 35 | 12,588
18 Mar 2011 #6
IINM the name of the soup in Babett's feast is øllebrød made with dark bread and dark sweet beer. I have a Danish cookbook (from the 1950's with lots of amazing stuff) that has a recipe though in a pre-global world it advised that the proper ingredients were hard to find outside of Denmark.

In Poland the darkest bread you can find and a dark, sweet beer (not necessarily acoholic like classic karmi) would be a good approximation.
18 Mar 2011 #7
'Olebrod', of course! How silly. Just forgot, I guess-:)) Thanks, Mafketis.

Related: Polish Lentil Soup?

From books I have read about both history and culture in Poland apparently lentil soup was very popular throughout times; and still was in some restaurants I went to when I visited Gdanśk and Warsaw last year. However when I type it into Google, nothing came up for Polish lentil soup recipes. Any ideas?

If you read Polish, type in zupa z soczewicy. This was most opopualr in the dirt-poor Podlasie region which also was know for lentil-filled pierogi.

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