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What's your favorite Polish beer?

FISZ 24 | 2,116
9 Feb 2007 #121
avoid Budweiser, Fosters and Carling.

Agree. I also don't like Carlsberg too much either. I'll look into the Caffreys. Maybe they export to the US.
Thx Huegel
sledz 23 | 2,250
9 Feb 2007 #122
avoid Budweiser

Yeah that stuff is real nasty they drink it like crazy in the southern US...
Pabst Blue Ribbon is another one to run from and Old Style.blaaaaa

I like that Okocim beer havent tried some of the other Polish ones yet

I think we all should have a piwo tonight for Krysia :)
9 Feb 2007 #124
I love tatra mocne <3
10 Feb 2007 #125
Zywiec is the best. i can drink em all day and check out all the hot chicks in krakow. people watching, drinking Zywiec, and kickin back all day=heaven on earth!
eabc 1 | 28
11 Feb 2007 #126
Definitely Żywiec beer :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
12 Feb 2007 #127
I wouldn't say Zywiec is the best. It's good though.
Andy1968 3 | 16
19 Feb 2007 #128
Well i have tried many but its between two Zywiec and Dog in the Fog
Pivo 1 | 6
19 Feb 2007 #129
The best beers I have tasted are the unfiltered, unpasteurised ones brewed at CK Browar in Krakow. Also of note are the ones brewed by Stary Krakow but they are hard to come by.

Another enjoyable pivo is that brewed by Spiz in Katowice.
4 Apr 2007 #130
Zywiec, Zywiec, Zywiec & Zywiec
Peter 3 | 247
4 Apr 2007 #131
I have not tried a lot of them but of what I have tasted so far I'd say Zywiec, Tyskie, Okocim and Lech.
witek 1 | 587
4 Apr 2007 #135
:)warka strong , lech and tyskie is what Pudzian drinks to get power:)

4 Apr 2007 #136
Hey, Does anyone know where I can get Zywiec, or any other Polish beer, on tap ?
Peter 3 | 247
5 Apr 2007 #138
Anyone try Piast? I had it once but was not particularly impressed.
burnage - | 3
9 Apr 2007 #139
Tyskie is probably the most popular Polish beer in the UK - a few months ago there was a big billboard advertising Tyskie right next to passport control at Manchester airport - which just said: "witamy w Manchesterze"! :)

but all Polish beers are good because they're so much stronger than most of what's commonly available in britland....
Peter 3 | 247
9 Apr 2007 #140
Which explains why the Brits go crazy for Carib beer when they are out in the West Indies. That and this...............this is what the entertainment at the cricket matches looks like.

Beer Poland crazy
burnage - | 3
9 Apr 2007 #141
I'd rather watch them than the english cricket team - they could probably play better too....
6 May 2007 #142
I discovered Redds recently in Krakow and loved it, I am desperate to find out if it I can buyit in the Uk if so where
6 May 2007 #143
Everywhere at least as I remember it

sorry got it mixed up with another one from Jamaca Red Stripe :(
6 May 2007 #144
Best polish beer?
Tyskie - ponad wszystkie
Żubr - because of low price (1.99 zł) and good quality
Królewskie - it's awesome
£omża - it's my native beer :D
Okocim palone is in production, but i don't think it's kept because of profit. It's the only one, produced on big scale dark beer in Poland. There is a Koźlan too, from dark's. Somebody can give me more names of polish dark beers?

jake 2 | 17
6 May 2007 #145
I cant find them anywhere here, if u come across them anytome soon i'd love to know what they're called, thanks

My parents in law always buy me soya chops when I am in Poland because I am a veggi (They don't understand men who don't eat meat).

But they are'nt as good as Uk soya chops.
Plus if you live in Norwich you can go to Infinity foods - best veggy shop in the world.
Always wash down with Warka strong - or tatra pils dark......
Peter 3 | 247
12 Aug 2007 #146
Hmmmm, if I'd known about this board in 2005 I'd have dropped you a line when I was there and bought the 1st round of drinks!

Hopefully next year!

PS: I refuse to buy any American beer!
Peter 3 | 247
13 Aug 2007 #148
God, it's awful, isn't it? The only one I've tried and liked is the Sam Adams. I've never tried Bud or Coors. That's one of the nice things i Wroclaw......each day you have lunch in a different restaurant and try a different Polish beer!

I'm quite disposed to Lech and Okocim and then Tyskie and Zywiec.
smooth_jazz 7 | 71
13 Aug 2007 #149
I've had all of those. My girlfriend's brother's favorite is Lech. Mine and her's is Zywiec, although I do like Okocim dark too.
Peter 3 | 247
15 Aug 2007 #150
What about Warka Strong?

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