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What's your favorite Polish beer?

25 Jul 2014 #811
From memory Scottie prefers Absinthe to multi-tap bars. When you're in Warsaw, I'd highly recommend my local: I'm here now enjoying a superb new (to me) Svijany from the Czech Republic for six zeds a pint. Although as a Scot you might prefer the BrewDog at Kufle or Chmielarnia (at somewhat eye-watering prices).
DarthYannick 2 | 24
26 Jul 2014 #812
There is definitively a lot of nice beers in Poland. Since the day I arrived over 7 years ago to nowadays, so many things has changed. Pinta is a great Browar, AleBrowar too. I like Amber Beers even if they are more "normal".

As I love White Beers, the Pinta one was the best one I ever tried for ages.

There is a new one in Torun as well. Olimp. Looks promising.

And plenty more micro-brewery. Or pubs that brew their own beers.

Actually, if you want to try a good beer, it's kinda expensive compared to the mainstream ones. But the pleasure and the experience is way better.

It's great to live in Poland right now as they experiment a lot. But as I grew up drinking Belgium beers, they lack something here sometimes. Everybody is trying to make IPA or Polish IPA or American IPA. It's IPA all the way. There is more diversity in Belgium. More subtle taste.

I hope that they will diversify their offer a bit more - except Pinta that has a lot of different type of beers.

I find the mainstream beers boring, tasteless and difficult to drink. If I had to choose one brand of the big sellers, it would be Okocim.

I like Ciechan as well, normal beers. I don't know if we can consider them as a big brewery. May be they are like Amber.

Check out my website - - I write about beers sometimes.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
27 Jul 2014 #813
It's IPA all the way

Trivia question.
When I was a callow youth we used to say it meant "IP1ss Anywhere", but what do the letters stand for and why that country?
jon357 69 | 18,445
27 Jul 2014 #815
Delicious and sold in PL for years. Double Diamond was the nicest but I haven's seen it for a long, long time. There are Polish Pale Ales too now.
27 Jul 2014 #816
you should definitely try grodziskie, it's brewed by alebrowar and several other breweries scattered across the country. It's the only trully polish kind of beer and it's light and perfect for hot summer
scottie1113 7 | 898
27 Jul 2014 #817
From memory Scottie prefers Absinthe to multi-tap bars.

Since Lamus opened about 3 years ago, it's become my favorite. Great people, great beer and it's only 70 meters from my flat. What's not to like? I've only been to Absinthe twice in the past year.
31 Jul 2014 #818
Merged: Ciechan Miodowe beer

Hi guys! I went to Poland last summer.. and I tried for the first time Ciechan Miodowe :) It's my favourite :) But I can't find it in London :( does anyone know a shop/supermarket etc in London where I can find it?
Roger5 1 | 1,455
8 Aug 2014 #819
Doing my bit for the Polish apple trade, I had a Somersby Apple beer yesterday. Very refreshing in this weather, and much better than the chemical, gassy Reds. Pricey, though at 4.10PLN. I've just had a Warka apple beer (2PLN) which I bought in error (forgot glasses and couldn't see the alcohol content). It's a nice drink, but at 2% lacks something the Somersby, at 4.5%, has.
8 Aug 2014 #820
Doing my bit for the Polish apple trade, I had a Somersby Apple beer yesterday.

Yuck! Horrible stuff and an insult to the cider world.

If you want to do your bit for the Polish apple industry but still have something well worth drinking, try Dzik Polish cider. It's a touch sweet for my tastes but a noticeable step up from the mass market English ciders along the lines of Woodpecker or Strongbow. The problem is that it's only sold on tap, not in bottles. The good news for you is that the three cities in Poland where it's sold are Warsaw, Krakow and Bialystok: head over to Chmiel at Gajowa 68 A and get stuck in.

For cider to drink at home, by far the best bottled Polish cider I've tried (and I have tried almost all of them) is Cydr Miloslawski from those excellent chaps at Browar Fortuna.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
8 Aug 2014 #821
As a teenager I went to many parties clutching a bottle of Woodpecker and an LP, but I'm afraid my middle-aged stomach can't tolerate cider anymore. That's why I just had the one apple beer, and a couple of Rennies afterwards. I did, however, check out that pub you found in Malmeda in B.Stok last Sunday. It was beautifully air-conditioned and tastefully furnished, and had a great selection of 21 beers, plus a tasting selection at 18PLN. I couldn't drink as I had the car, but I plan to sink a few on my birthday next week.
beckski 12 | 1,617
11 Aug 2014 #822
Polish cider sounds perfect right now. Maybe it could help ease the pain, of my sprained toe a bit 😢
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
25 Feb 2015 #823
Merged: Could this be the best beer in Poland, on my doorstep?

Apologies mods - can't find the beer thread - please move....

Hop Heads - brewed for Alebrowar by the Gosciszewo brewery in Sztum, Pomerania.

All their beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised and can not be beaten on range, quality and price.

Amber Boy is closest to UK ale. The only negative - and you all know that my glass is always half full - is that they use American pelleted hops, because of price. English hops are damn expensive because of economy of scale.

Harry must have done a report on them but I can't find it?

Absolutely bloody superb tucker. As you said in the pertinent thread Harry, better than most British beers. I simply did not believe you when you posted that. My apologies for doubting your taste in beer. We are not worthy :(
25 Feb 2015 #824
While Ale Browar are most certainly top table when it comes to Polish breweries, I'm not sure that they are the best. For me I tend to prefer beers from Artezan and Browar Podgórz (particularly Pacific from the former and Space Sheep from the later). Pinta also come out with some real winners, I especially like Oto Mata (a rice IPA) and Oki Doki from them.

Here's the menu from the place where I was having a few samplers last night (the rye milk stout was utterly superb):
istannbullu34 1 | 105
25 Feb 2015 #825
I like książęce a lot but I still hardly pronounce that name :)
Looker - | 1,107
25 Feb 2015 #826
The best is unpasteurized and unfiltered beer - not easy to get in Polish shops, better look for smaller regional breweries (I just found one near the border in Czech Republic). In addition to being delicious, it's very healthy too :)
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
4 Jan 2016 #827

Sort of drinkable. Not brewed with too much wheat flour added, as is the case with Zywiec (wheat flour is the cheapest possible ingredient in "brewing").
4 Jan 2016 #828
Miust say my personal preference between tyskie and zywiec is zywiec, better than carling in my opinion,I used to drink IPA and Tetleys, but not much chance of buying it here.
5 Jan 2016 #829
I used to drink IPA and Tetleys, but not much chance of buying it here.

I really do sometimes wonder which country you are living in. There's IPA all over the place in Poland. Even Zywiec now make an IPA, although as it's made by Zywiec it'll be chemical-filled swill which is good only for giving hangovers. Have you really missed the craft beer revolution that started a few years ago?! Even Grupa Zywiec now have a pseudo-craft brewery operation!

If you tell me the names of the nearest biggish towns to you, I'll tell you were you can buy proper beer. Alternatively just order from Piwonia (; they will deliver a crate of 20 bottles to your door for 20zl.

If you want some higher-end international beers, check out, they have an utterly awesome selection, I particularly recommend the Mikkeller Do Nieba (an IPA from the legendary Mikkeller brewery made specifically for the Polish market and using Polish hops), Beavertown 8 Ball IPA, Siren Half Mast session IPA and Brewdog Dead Pony Club pale ale. All of those will make Tetleys taste like Carling Black Label.
AdrianK9 6 | 369
12 May 2016 #830
Tyskie for beer, Chopin or Sobieski for Vodka... or Piwo Mocne
ivnp71 1 | 46
12 May 2016 #831
Piast,tatra,żubr y harnaś.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
12 May 2016 #832
But none of the above is beer. It is chemical water. I am guilty of buying Tyskie myself from time to time, but it WILL shorten your life, and that is a given.

Breweries have always been a licence for governments to raise money. Now that they are publically listed conglomerates, natural ingredients do not exist in sufficient quantity.

Brew your own if you have time.
Szalawa 3 | 248
13 May 2016 #833
I prefer Warka, one of the few beers that I like
Wulkan - | 3,243
13 May 2016 #834
I am guilty of buying Tyskie myself from time to time, but it WILL shorten your life

Luckily you ain't got much left anyway.

Brew your own if you have time.

And knowledge. I don't have both on this matter. You don't have at least one.

I prefer Warka

I don't like Warka, it tastes like Leffe.
gregy741 4 | 1,204
13 May 2016 #835
I like książęce a lot but I still hardly pronounce that name :)

pronouce that- zwierzynieckie
use to be good beer during commie time.not sure if they still do it.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
13 May 2016 #836
And knowledge

Been brewing beer for 40 years Wulkan:) Unlike the Poles, I and my fellow Brits do know a thing or two about beer. Of course, living in the West Midlands, you will be content with that chemical muck they swill there (Banks of Wolverhampton excluded:)
13 May 2016 #837

It's not even spelt like that, let alone pronounced like that.
gregy741 4 | 1,204
13 May 2016 #838
yes it is spelled like this Harold..dont be silly cant teach me spelling in polish.only thing you can teach me is .how to lie on forums
13 May 2016 #839
yes it is spelled like this Harold..dont be silly cant teach me spelling in polish.

The label on the bottle disagrees with you.


As does the sign at the brewery

And the can Zwierzyniec
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
13 May 2016 #840
you cant teach me spelling in polish

It does indeed seem as if you've been taught. Quite embarrassing, really.

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