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chef student would like to know about polish food

AniolekSA 1 | 10
8 Sep 2007 #1
Ok so im a chef student and i need to impress my boyfriend parents by cooking a rely nice polish meal 3 cours that is for them so if you have any idea for me or web address for me wer i can find recipes ja and i know how polish mums cook so i have a lot on my plate so pleas help
Ronek 1 | 261
8 Sep 2007 #3
where you have a mission impossible before you ;)

but here you go

there you will find many great polish recipes and their all in english.

If I may advise something... if he is polish then
Hunters Stew and Herring in Cream + good beer will win every man's heart;)
you migh also try Cabbage Parcels.

I mentiones those foods because they're quite easy to make, they're on the site I gave you and they taste great ;)

it's a family meeting right? they're all polish? having a bottle of vodka(or two) wont hurt.
plk123 8 | 4,134
8 Sep 2007 #4
dude, she is trying to impress his parents. read first, ok?
Ronek 1 | 261
8 Sep 2007 #5
ok, Forget I mentioned alcohol then.
osiol 55 | 3,921
8 Sep 2007 #6
Hunters Stew and Herring in Cream + good beer will win every man's heart

she is trying to impress his parents

One of the parents is a man.
If he's impressed, she'll be almost half way there.
plk123 8 | 4,134
8 Sep 2007 #7
you don't want to tick of the mom.. she's the one you go after.

not everyone drinks alcohol either. aniolek, find out first.
OP AniolekSA 1 | 10
8 Sep 2007 #8
bottle of vodka(or two)

u tell me im going to need it and his grandmother ant ants will be ther and thay dont understand a word of eng


ja i know his mum loves a good wine and fotka his dad well FOTKA and mum flowers dad cigar good food and im sorted i think i pray
Ronek 1 | 261
8 Sep 2007 #9
I dont know realy,
every family is different, get to know first if they drink alcohol.
The fact is that if there is going to be only you, your bf and his parents then If I were you, I wouldnt take any vodka. But if it was to be some bigger family meeting then I would think about it.

btw. They all speak polish only? right? and you dont? hell girl you might need some help.
OP AniolekSA 1 | 10
8 Sep 2007 #10
wel his brothers and sister mother and dad speaks englishe but ther rest not a word
Irisheyz77 3 | 44
9 Sep 2007 #11
I'd suggest that you learn some Polish phrases as well as some Polish receipes. Even a basic I'm sorry but I don't understand Polish will go far because it shows that you made a bit of an effort. I'd write some basic phrases and words here but I learned them with an Audio CD so while I can say & understand them I can't write them.....yet.

When I was in Poland I knew only a small handful of Polish phrases and the people I was with knew even less English....but they delighted in teaching me new Polish words once they knew I didn't speak the language but was wanting to learn. It might be a good ice breaker with those family members who don't know English.
OP AniolekSA 1 | 10
9 Sep 2007 #12
i would love that i am trying to lern i know a litel bit but if eny one would like to help pleas do o dont rite them the right way rite it the way it shuold be prenounsd pleasa

Genkwa (thank i think)
and ja i dont know how to spell it not even the way to prenouns it

love SA
Seanus 15 | 19,669
3 Jul 2010 #14
Well, this thread has potential to wheel out a few recipes related to known chefs. Here's an English one,
He died last Sep so RIP, Keith Floyd. Always one for his wine. In every programme, regardless of the dish he was making :) :)

Please feel free to show some of Pascal or that middle-aged Polish chef whose name eludes me now. Poland has some really good chefs so let's see them.

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