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Where to buy Sloe Gin in Warsaw?

rkb 1 | 16
29 Dec 2009 #1
Does anyone know where I can buy Sloe Gin in Warsaw?

I've looked in a few shops & checked the fine wine & spirits website but nothing so far, any help would be much appreciated
leslangueursdes - | 3
29 Dec 2009 #2
Have you considered making it? It's pretty simple... i think, having never actually made any...
29 Dec 2009 #3
Maybe an upmarket supermarket or deli? It's not that easy to get hold of in the UK...
OP rkb 1 | 16
29 Dec 2009 #4
Going to check in Bomi tomorrow but not getting my hopes up, don't fancy waiting until my next trip to England if I can help it
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
29 Dec 2009 #5
You may be able to find the Polish near equivalent -- tarniówka. I don't know if British sloe gin is actually made with gin or just called that, but Polish tarniówka (sloeberries = tarnina) uses a grain neutral spirit base without the juniper flavour of gin.

Tarniówka may not be commercially produced but it has long been a favourite fo Polish home blenders (nalewka-makers).
jonni 16 | 2,485
29 Dec 2009 #6
There's a place in Arkadia that has tarniowka.

Otherwise the Ballantynes shop at the top of ul. Krucza might have sloe gin.
convex 20 | 3,978
15 Jan 2010 #8
You may be able to find the Polish near equivalent -- tarniówka.

Is tarnina easy to find? If so, it's not that difficult to make sloe gin... berries, sugar, and gin...wait a couple of months, imbibe!
15 Jan 2010 #9
It was being sold by the kg in the Stary Kleparz back in October. I now have a few litres of sloe gin & sloe vodka steeping away...

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