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The best tatar in Warsaw

PolishUltras 7 | 60
14 Aug 2017 #1
i just discovered a place that sells the best tartar in town at the cheapest price in town of 10 zlote. look to the side menu and you can see it:

also some of the funniest people come in here, all sorts of foreigners too and smugglers lol, funny place. one gangster looking asian guy (like tong or yakuza) was talking about distributing extaxy lol and some super hot chick was eating tartar than hung out with some funny older polish guy she may have actually left with (the fuy had to be over 50 she around 30), all sorts of fun.

lol i took a oic of the girl with tartar the older funny looking dude who stole her didnt show up yet.

damm looking at the photo above hes actually in there too now i realize lol.
cms 9 | 1,255
14 Aug 2017 #2
Well it's certainly the best value - especially at 4am and with the floor show like you describe

The best quality I would say is at Butchery & Wine on zurawia or at the Intercontinental restaurant.
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
14 Aug 2017 #3
i still cant believe how hot that girl was and confident enough in front of guys to eat raw tartar lol and not only that but it was so sesy the way she talked and how confident she was. whats crazy is once that guy started talking to her no one else had a chance she and him were just non stop conversation from that point, imagine the game he must have. i realli think shes like 27 and that guy must have been 60. all i did was stare at her and look from time to time even before that guy got there or she wasnt talking to anyone. but again thats how ive always been in life lol.

that old dude came in and basically swooped her from me lol.
14 Aug 2017 #4
I am sure they are happy about you posting their photos online....
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
14 Aug 2017 #5
well i do give the older gentleman this, he looked funny and friendly so he probably had many stories to tell...

by the way, do any ultras come here or frequent the establishment? any legia danatics I mean? id love to se ehow those conversations go with the tong or other groups lol since legia apprantly controls the drug trade in town, or the gangs within legia the two percent so to show that mingle with the rest of the fans. the ultra or hooligan elite group i mean. imagine if they found out some asian dude or the tongs even or making money on their turf wouldnt legia be pissed?
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
14 Aug 2017 #6
no but seriously am i the only one who finds a hot chick eating raw tartar super sexy?
jon357 74 | 22,054
14 Aug 2017 #7
a place

The other local bar owners and the town drinkers call that place a mordownia. Late at night on a weekend, it doesn't have a great reputation.

If you want nice tatar, go to Amatorska - they have a high turnover so it's very fresh, and a good reputation.

Piotruś over the road has good food too, especially in the daytime or after 10pm when the landlady's in.
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
14 Aug 2017 #8
Słoik is another reslly cool spot. Im there right now on their fats free wifi. I also am drinking a polish cyder out of the barrell from there for nine zloty. also, I wrote s review on yelp about them you guys can read as it should be the latest review.
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
14 Aug 2017 #9
here is another wuestion, how many of you guys just sit and sit and cant talk to a girl no matter what she does or how many signs she gives you, unless shephysicslly sits next to you snd starts tslking nothing will happen and you just rsther or easier to tslk to other guys newr you? am i the only one who suffers from this and constantly had guys even much older dudes swoop girls from underneath you?
cms 9 | 1,255
14 Aug 2017 #10
Its not the sort of place where Legia gangs would drink - find the bar next to a big gym and they will be there :) I know they do quite often hang around in clubs like Luzztro and Smolna after evening matches.
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
15 Aug 2017 #11
I wonder if any of the legia groups have ties to internstional markets of extacy and the like like the cracowpost srticle "hooligan mafias" claimed they all do and in krakow wisla krakov and kramovis were even caught in sn operstion working together in manufacturing speed. if thats true you would think they got ccess to guns as well and would wuickly turn into real gang warfare or mafia style fighting with these internstional groups coming into their turf?

dont stop just keep going forward. never stop.
jon357 74 | 22,054
15 Aug 2017 #12
I wonder if any of the legia groups have ties to internstional markets of extacy and the like

wuickly turn into real gang warfare or mafia style fighting

Most of them are too busy eating strawberry Jogobella, going to church and taking babcia's jamnik out for a walk.

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