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BBC - Nigel Slater new series. Looking for a really great cook of Polish food.

CathBBC 1 | -
9 Aug 2011 #1
Hi there,

I’m an Assistant Producer for Nigel Slater's new series, ‘Rules of Attraction’, which is being made for BBC1. We’re looking for cooks with a real passion for food to be a part of the programme. This series is a follow on from the recent ‘Simple Suppers’ series for BBC1, however in this series we’re looking more closely at food pairings and why certain foods work so well together together.

I wondered whether anyone knows anyone who is a really great cook of Polish food - not a professional, but has a real passion for the ingredients and dishes, who can explain why they work and what they mean, and perhaps help us with the filming! This would be for the Christmas special, so I'd be particularly interested in indviduals or families who are particularly enthusiastic about Christmas food - especially those who use local produce, unusual ingredients/ pairings or growing, breeding or catching their own.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated - the best way to get in touch is via .

Many thanks!

EdWilczynski 3 | 98
9 Aug 2011 #2
What a great idea for a show.

I really look forward to seeing that.
isthatu2 4 | 2,704
9 Aug 2011 #3
Cant wait to see how Auntie Beeb copes with the idea of live fish in bath tubs..............
If we are still going to be subjected to endless cooking programes;
A,atleast its not that kiwi and that bald shouty wa**er and B, nice that its looking outside Britain for Christmas ideas,that alone might stop the endless creep of Septic culture into every holiday period in the UK these days :)

Home / Food / BBC - Nigel Slater new series. Looking for a really great cook of Polish food.
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