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Polanda - archives of off-topic / expired pages of PolishForums

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12 Jan 2016  #1
We are happy to announce a new addition to PolishForums: a 'sister' website named Polanda is an archive of discussions originally published on PolishForums which were too 'off-topic / irrelevant' to stay on PolishForums (which is to be focused on Poland only), or expired (applies to classified ads). That way, all discussions contributed by PolishForums members will never be 'lost' (unless they are spam or clear abuse then they will always be lost along with the abusers ;). New off-topic and expired topics should be added to Polanda on a regular basis. Posters may look up their messages on Polanda by using the search feature. /
12 Jan 2016  #2
Good work that man! Please let us know if you're accepting donations to help with the running costs there.
Ps 1. Donations are always welcome (Paypal email: The last one was received about 5 years ago :( Thank you!
Ps 2. Someone asked if there was any donation - there was none so far. The post will be updated if something changes.

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