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Work Visa Type (National Visa) appointments are difficult at Mumbai Consulate

Lyzko 20 | 5,987    
21 Jan 2019  #31
Not always, Rich.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,581    
21 Jan 2019  #32
OK. I would.
His is good enough to make some of the errors inexcusable.
farhan94 - | 1    
3 Feb 2019  #33

Slot booking in Poland Consulate in Mumbai

I got offer letter from Ponznan University in Poland 7 Jan 2019, I am trying to book a slot but every time it show lack of availability, can any one help me I need to joint the course by 23.02.2019
Andrew George    
4 Feb 2019  #34
For visa appointment for Mumbai and New Delhi. Contact us : +3197005033433
sdconsult123 - | 3    
5 Feb 2019  #35

you cannot book now. the dates have moved forward to 1st march 2019
21 Feb 2019  #36
I have been able to get student appointments. But no luck with work appointments.

If you need help with Student visa to Poland, then email me.
Offer a price for my time and once i get you the appointment you can pay. Not before.

If anyone has a trusted contact for Work visa, then let me know too. I have 50 workers with permits ready to arrive but no Visa.

I believe the embassy is doing this on purpose to limit nr of Muslims to this catholic country, they are afraid of foreigners.
17 Mar 2019  #37
I am looking for national work visa appointments for Mumbai consulate. If anyone able to help me let me know on
lul bul - | 61    
17 Mar 2019  #38
You really think you guys will find real help here?Yes maybe corrupt agents or consultancy agencies as you call them.
15 Apr 2019  #39
Today I clicked on Fill in form and then I was given a form number, no slots were provided though, what am I doing wrong, or has the process changed?

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