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Warsaw area surveyor

lonpol 7 | 69    
5 Apr 2018  #1
Hi, can anyone one recommend a surveyor that would be able to come and check a residential house for me in the Milanówek area just outside of Warsaw?

The building I am interested in has a few cracks so would like an expert to take a look before I buy! I prefer english speaking but polish only would be ok too.

terri 1 | 1,523    
5 Apr 2018  #2
You need a certified building inspector. Find them by word of mouth. Expect to pay 500 to 750 pln.
OP lonpol 7 | 69    
5 Apr 2018  #3
Ok cheers, ive asked friends and family to start asking around. I was also able to find a few on the web by doing a direct translation of "building inspector"

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