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information about Bialoleka Warszawa (Warsaw area)

gs_s 2 | 8  
15 Feb 2011 /  #1
Hi to all , i would like same information about a subern called Bialoleka in warsaw , i am thinking of bying a house there , and i would like to know if it is a good subern , who much they usually is the price for the m2 , if is near to life and all the information that you can give me is welcome , thanks a lot and my compliments for this very nice and good forum , great job !!

It is a good time bying a house in poland ? what about the real estate market in warsaw ? it is going well ? what are the predictions ? prices will going up or down next few months ?

which is the best subern to bye a house in warsaw ? am not intresting in apartments because a have a family and like the idea of 4 houses with the gardens and all this !

jonni 16 | 2475  
15 Feb 2011 /  #2
Leafy and safe, popular with families, quite a way from the centre. Very family oriented, not exactly buzzing with things to do. The far end of Białołęka is semi-rural with quite a few working farms.

The part of Białołęka nearest to the river is Tarchomin, much of which is a concrete jungle of apartments - with a few dodgy streets, especially at night; the bulk of it, to the east of ul. Modlinska is the opposite - quieter with mostly houses. Plenty of forests round about, and at the weekends there are always people riding bikes or walking. Although the Borough of Białołęka includes Tarchomin, when people talk about Białołęka this is the part they usually mean. Some parts (Płudy, Choszczówka are quite nice, posh even)

It is considered one of the cheaper places to buy. Part of this is due to having poor transport links to Warsaw. When the new Most Polnocny (Northern Bridge) is finished this will improve. But only slightly. Owing to the number of young families, there is some pressure on schools but this is slowly changing. There are plenty of supermarkets etc, but no real shopping mall.

What might happen to property prices over the next year is anybody's guess, but since they are quite high in Warsaw anyway, and mortgages are harder to get than a couple of years ago, they probably won't go up much.
OP gs_s 2 | 8  
16 Feb 2011 /  #3
thanks a lot for the informations

Hi again and good morning ! Can anyone can suggest me a good subern for houses except Bioleleka and the average price for a house 120-140 m2 with good transtortation to the center and schools near ! Thanks a lot
Polonius3 980 | 12277  
17 Feb 2011 /  #4
Is it true that Białołęka prison is Europe's largest penal facility? I think this zipped past me not long ago.
jonni 16 | 2475  
17 Feb 2011 /  #5
Is it true that Białołęka prison is Europe's largest penal facility? .

I doubt it's even Warsaw's largest. The one at the back of Elsnerów looks bigger. Poland's biggest is in Wronki, in western Poland.

Europe's largest is in France, and the local jail near where I'm from in the UK is many times larger.

Białołęka prison isn't very big. It's rather scruffy looking though, like a few Kruszczówki buildings with a wall round. It's probably Poland's best known - the Poles interned Polish dissidents, like Adam Michnik, there.

Why not visit, so you can have a look.
OP gs_s 2 | 8  
17 Feb 2011 /  #6
I lost you ! there is a prison there ? i came few weeks ago and i see same plots there but beacause it was only for two days i would like same information about ather suberns but not for agents for real polish people so i would be sure to ask an agent to make me see same plots there !

thanks a lot
jonni 16 | 2475  
17 Feb 2011 /  #7
I lost you ! there is a prison ther

Yes. Quite a well known one, for historical reasons. A grim looking place, but tucked away on the edge of the district.

i would like same information about ather suberns

Better start a different thread for that. BTW, "subern" is not a word in English. Perhaps you're thinking of 'suburb'.
OP gs_s 2 | 8  
18 Feb 2011 /  #8
Jonni you are right 'suburb' is the right one ,, thanks

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